Smoking Hot Looks in ATEEZ’s “Fireworks (I’m The One)”

Not too long ago, ATEEZ was a debut group to watch. As now seasoned artists, they are continuing to prove their stamina with their single, “I’m The One.” Atiny was no doubt pleased by this comeback! “I’m The One” has some original looks that feature amazing jackets and unique jean styles. Of course, we had to give you some of the highlights!


ic: Hongjoong in a Bluer jacket. Featured in ATEEZ’s music video, “Fireworks (I’m The One).”

ATEEZ’s leader looks stunning with his slicked back hair and confident style. He wears several metallic earrings, including a large cuff. Around his neck is a chunky metal chain, which helps the look maintain street vibes. Over a black shirt, Hongjoong wears a light blue jacket from Bluer. This shoulder-padded jacket with strong bleaching lines and bolts-and-nuts detailing is the perfect style. He pairs this with dark denim and black boots.



ic: San in Bluer slit fold jeans. Featured in ATEEZ’s music video, “Fireworks (I’m The One).”

San continued to prove his amazing dance techniques in this music video. He also wore a few crop tops, including this look! He layered a dark denim jacket over a black crop top. His slit fold jeans are from Bluer and feature both gray and blue denim. They have raw-edged folded patches at front and are bleached. San wears a small metal chain necklace to break up the dark layers. He pairs black leather boots with the look.



ic: Jongho in a Bluer wool coat. Featured in ATEEZ’s music video, “Fireworks (I’m The One).”

The amazing vocalist and human fruit ninja, Jongho, looks amazing in this bleached wool coat from Bluer. The long sleeve double fabric wool coat features diamond raw-edged denim patches; this is stand-out style! Jongho wears a chunky silver necklace and two thick silver rings, which go so well with this look. His blacked ripped denim pants with a skinny cut are just right with his large jacket. He wears black boots to finish the look.


ic: Jongho in a red blazer. Featured in ATEEZ’s music video, “Fireworks (I’m The One).”

This man is on fire in his incredible outfit! Jongho wears a black tee and layers over this incredible red blazer. He adds a gold chain for a pop of metallic, which works so well with his black shirt underneath. He wears black jeans, which keeps the focus on the red. This look is a mix of formal and laid-back. You don’t have to wait for a board meeting to style a blazer! Try it out over a tee, like Jongho, for a classy casual look.



ic: Yunho in Bluer jogger pants. Featured in ATEEZ’s music video, “Fireworks (I’m The One).”

We are digging Yunho’s monochromatic style! He wears a custom leather jacket from Bluer. It features a large wing panel at the back and the arms, which almost gives him a dark angelic look. He sports Bluer black jogger pants with raw edges. As far as his accessories, Yunho chose a metal chain necklace along with a couple silver rings. Most noticeable is his metal lip ring. When you style all black, adding a pop of metal is always a good choice!



ic: Wooyoung in Bluer leather pants and jacket. Featured in ATEEZ’s music video, “Fireworks (I’m The One).”

Wooyoung rocked this look! His black leather pants from Bluer have biker-inspired cutting lines and are perfect for his jacket! Over a black tee, he wears a diamond jacket from Bluer. This long sleeve waxed nylon wide jacket features diamond shaped denim lines. We love how the men of ATEEZ have been pairing denim and leather in this video. He ends the look with black boots.



ic: Seonghwa in a Bluer structured jacket. Featured in ATEEZ’s music video, “Fireworks (I’m The One).”

We love this denim apparel on Seonghwa. He wears a Bluer structured jacket with a double layered and raw-edged design. Seonghwa styles this jacket over a bare chest. For bottoms, he rocks Bluer detachable denim jeans with metal fasteners. A metal chain necklace adorns his neck and he also wears a single dangle earring.


ic: Seonghwa in a plaid tweed suit. Featured in ATEEZ’s music video, “Fireworks (I’m The One).”

Seonghwa didn’t come to play in this amazing suit! His waistcoat, jacket, and trousers all share the same plaid pattern. He compliments the color scheme with a black dress shirt and tie, as well as a single black glove. Seonghwa wears one large dangle earring—a clear rectangle shape that adds a unique touch to his look.



ic: Yeosang in Blue coat and trousers. Featured in ATEEZ’s music video, “Fireworks (I’m The One).”

Yeosang looked like a boss in this fit! His long sleeve black denim jacket is from Bluer. This unique jacket has a raw-edged denim vest in navy blue attached and fits right in with the vibes of the video. With this he pairs ash black denim jeans, also from Bluer. This is also a unique piece because of its out-pockets at the front and double-layered trouser pieces. Yeosang wears dangling silver earrings and a golden ring. He ends the look with black boots.


ic: Yeosang in a red blazer. Featured in ATEEZ’s music video, “Fireworks (I’m The One).”

It’s amazing what pairing two colors can do! It may appear simple, but it slays. Yeosang looks great in this red suit, with matching blazer and trousers. He wears a black tee underneath and a colorful pendant necklace. Although many looks can be fabulous with a variety of patterns and colors, don’t down using a color pairing like this. See if you can combine two colors from your wardrobe and uncover new looks!


Whether you want to dress up or down, ATEEZ has you covered with these styles! It’s time to whip out your jackets—create a casual flair with a blazer like Jongho or use jewelry to twist a traditional style like Seonghwa. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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