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“Mmmh” and “FILM : KAI”: Kai’s Killer Solo Outfits

KAI, member of SM Entertainment boy groups EXO and SuperM, made us do a double-take in his latest video releases of “Mmmh” and “FILM : KAI”. In his first solo...

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aespa makes a scene with their debut fashion in “Black Mamba”

Aespa (에스파) is fresh out of the gate with their debut single, “Black Mamba.” This hit has the world talking about the newest girl group from SM Entertainment. The music...

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G-Dragon: The K-Pop and Fashion King

Also known as the ‘King of K-Pop', G-dragon (Kwon Ji Yong) is the leader of the very popular group Big Bang. The influence he’s brought to the industry has opened...

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