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How To Dress Like a Character From the Nana Anime

Nana has got to be Ai Yazawa’s most popular manga and for good reason. The plot is gripping, the characters feel so real, and the fashion is on a level not usually seen in manga or anime.

Ai Yazawa spent some time studying fashion and clearly draws a lot of inspiration from the various youth fashion movements to have graced the streets of Tokyo. Throughout her work, there is always a lot of attention paid to the clothing the characters wear which has allowed fans the world over to draw inspiration from them and the Nana anime is no exception.

Whether you’re new to Nana or are a longtime fan, let’s take a look at some of the most iconic fashion from the series and how to replicate these styles in real life.

(Cover image sourced from the Nana 2005 live-action film)

Why Is Fashion So Important in the Nana Anime?

Fashion is key in the "Nana" anime because it shows who the characters are and how they change. For example, Nana Osaki's punk clothes show her bold, independent nature, while Nana Komatsu's changing styles reflect her growth and experiences. The series, set in Tokyo, brings in different youth fashion styles, like punk and girly trends, to tell more about each character. Fashion changes in "Nana" are not just about looks; they mark important moments in the story. This makes the anime's fashion influence reach beyond the screen, inspiring fans everywhere to express themselves boldly and uniquely.

Iconic Fashion in "Nana": Character Style Highlights

In "Nana," each character's fashion is a window into their world. This section delves into the distinctive styles of Nana Osaki, Nana Komatsu, Ren, Shin, and Reira, highlighting how their clothing choices are deeply intertwined with their personalities and stories. From Nana Osaki's bold punk look to Nana Komatsu's ever-changing feminine outfits, and from Ren's cool, inspired style to Shin and Reira's unique fashion statements, we'll explore how these characters' styles contribute to the rich tapestry of fashion in the anime. These fashion highlights not only define the characters but also showcase the anime's strong connection to Tokyo's diverse youth culture and its influence on global anime fashion trends.

Nana Osaki’s Tabletop Performance Look

Nana Osaki’s Tabletop Performance Look (source: NANA Anime & Manga)
Nana Osaki’s Tabletop Performance Look (source: NANA Anime & Manga)

This impromptu concert that Nana Osaki decided to put on showcases her signature look. While she does wear a variety of different amazing outfits throughout the anime, a testament to Ai Yazawa’s detail oriented eye, this miniskirt/corset combo is one of her most easily recognizable. Nana’s style overall is modeled after punk fashion which has been popular on the streets of Japan since about the 1970s. The spirit of punk is about rebellion making it a perfect fit for a strong-willed and independent character like herself. 

Some of the elements you see repeated a lot in punk fashion and in the fashion of Nana are chokers, leather jackets, ripped/torn clothing, plaid skirts, and fishnet tights. Nana Osaki is usually wearing a combination of these paired with dramatic platforms or black boots. She typically wears mini skirts/mini dresses like the one shown above and is often seen in black, purple, red, or animal print. Her style is the most edgy and flirtatious among the main female characters of Nana. Never one to miss an opportunity to accessorize, she’s typically wearing silver jewelry with her most famous jewelry item being her armor ring.

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Ren Honjo's Sid Vicious Inspired Fashion

Ren’s Sid Vicious Inspired Fashion (source: NANA Anime and Manga)
Ren’s Sid Vicious Inspired Fashion (source: NANA Anime and Manga)

Ren Honjo always looks cool but while it may seem like he was modeled directly after Sid Vicious this isn’t quite the case. Ai Yazawa has said that when she designed Ren’s character she was inspired by Japanese fans of punk fashion who wanted to emulate Sid Vicious’ style rather than by Sid himself. This helped connect the character to the story’s context since it was taking place in Tokyo not 1970s London, but this doesn’t mean there are no parallels between Ren and Sid. For starters, Ren’s most important accessory is the lock necklace that Nana gave him which is identical to the one Sid made famous.

Like Nana, he also wears a lot of staples of punk fashion including chokers and leather jackets but opts for less color and fewer prints.  His style is more masculine and he typically wears jeans and a t-shirt that he accessorizes to fit his image. Both he and Nana tend to wear silver jewelry and accessories including necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

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Nana Komatsu’s Feminine Concert Look

Nana Komatsu’s Feminine Concert Look (source: NANA Anime and Manga)
Nana Komatsu’s Feminine Concert Look (source: NANA Anime and Manga)

Mai and Hachi (Nana Komatsu) may have been the only two BLAST fans not dressed in punk fashion at this concert but with the looks they delivered who could complain? Nothing displays the contrast between Nana and Hachi quite like their fashion does. The two serve as each other’s narrative foils in the story which is reflected by their seemingly polar opposite aesthetics. While Nana came from a rough background and uses clothing almost as a form of rebellion Hachi came from a happy home and has a much more casual relationship with fashion. She experiments a lot more with style and dabbles in trends all throughout the series.

Hachi typically dresses in styles that are more feminine and girly than some of the other characters often opting for A-line dresses, cardigans, and blouses. Spiked chokers may be a bit too intense for her but she isn’t afraid to accessorize. Usually, she wears simple jewelry but she’s been known to rock a statement necklace or two like in the image above. The dress she wears here is simple and she accessorizes it with a matching jewelry set, purse, and sock/heel combo.

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Shin’s Late Night Rendezvous Suit

Shin’s Late Night Rendezvous Suit (source: NANA Anime & Manga)
Shin’s Late Night Rendezvous Suit (source: NANA Anime & Manga)

Yasu may have the best punk businessman looks of the series but this look from Shin (Shinichi Okazaki) is proof that there's more than one way to look cool in a suit or blazer. Shin has a lot more style than your average 15-year-old and typically dresses in punk fashion similar to what his other bandmates wear. His looks are still distinct though and often more involved than what Ren wears for example. It’s not unusual to see him in a fun hat or sporting more flashy accessories like his iconic orb lighter/necklace.

Some of his most noticeable style elements are his many piercings, his bondage pants, and his distressed (torn) clothes. He can also often be seen wearing typically more conservative fashion items like button-down shirts and ties mixed with his punk aesthetic. Unlike Yasu and Takumi, we don’t usually see him in a suit but this look paired with his usual accessories and his platform shoes is clearly a showstopper. To find your own suit jacket or blazer and live out your rockstar fantasy check out our outerwear or peruse some of our matching sets!

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Reira’s Princess-like Performance Wear

Reira’s Princess-like Performance Wear (source: NANA Anime & Manga)
Reira’s Princess-like Performance Wear (source: NANA Anime & Manga)

Reira Serizawa’s style expresses a feminine beauty unique from the kind expressed by Nana Osaki and Hachi. Her character is typically described as a princess and it seems that this is what Takumi thought of her from a young age. She can be seen in anything from casual to more elegant style dresses but this is one of her more memorable looks. It’s dramatic, owing to the fact that it was an outfit for a stage performance, but still simple and elegant. She pairs the gown with feathered accessories, matching gloves, and a belt.

There’s so much fashion to draw inspiration from within this series but these are some of our favorite moments. Hopefully this has helped you figure out how to dress like your favorite character from Nana and channel a little of the magic that has made the series so popular!

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Celebrating the Enduring Style Legacy of "Nana"

As we've journeyed through the diverse and captivating world of fashion in the "Nana" anime, it's clear that each character's style is more than just clothing – it's a reflection of their identity and the narrative itself. From Nana Osaki's bold punk looks to Nana Komatsu's evolving feminine styles, and from Ren's cool demeanor to Shin and Reira's unique fashion statements, "Nana" continues to inspire and influence contemporary fashion trends.

At Nightcity Clothing, we celebrate this legacy by offering a collection that captures the essence of these beloved characters. 

Whether you're a long-time fan or new to the series, our selections provide a way to bring a piece of "Nana's" iconic style into your everyday life, blending the worlds of anime and fashion in a truly unique way.

All Nana characters graphic
Collage of all Nana key characters (Image from Wallpaperscom)
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