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Mind-Bending Style in Stray Kids’ “MANIAC” Music Video

Stray Kids have a way of combining intense and delicate elements to both their music and their fashion. This group continues to lead the way in style and incredible chart-topping hits. We had high hopes for their music video, “MANIAC,” and we were not disappointed! Check out some of our favorite looks from the shoot. 


ic: Felix wears an Adidas purple beanie. Featured in Stray Kids’ “MANIAC” Music Video. 

This gives hardcore Dopey from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves vibes and Felix is a modern fairytale. This color combination of green and purple is timeless. Felix rocks a purple beanie from Adidas which pairs well with his unbuttoned green Raf Simons overshirt coat. He keeps it casual with a Simpsons t-shirt from Balenciaga. Black cut-offs are the perfect pants for this look. He wears long socks with high-top sneakers to finish the look. This outfit is perfect for a day at a skatepark or causing mischief around the city. 



ic: Hyunjin in esquape goggles. Featured in Stray Kids’ “MANIAC” Music Video. 

Hyunjin looks otherworldly in this fit! Let’s first talk about perhaps the most eye-catching piece in this ensemble–those incredible heart goggles! These beauties are from esquape and are designed to be as functional as they are fashionable! They certainly do the job of drawing our attention. Another fantastic accessory is his web-striped trim pearl necklace from GUCCI. Don’t forget the double cuff earrings, too. His graphic pink t-shirt is tucked into a unique set of Dickies trousers. These straight-leg cotton-blend twill trousers colorblocked in black and pink make him stand out in a crowd! He finishes the look with black boots and a black leather jacket. 



ic: Seungmin in a Raf Simons t-shirt. Featured in Stray Kids’ “MANIAC” Music Video.

This black look is stellar on Seungmin. His archive redux SS '06 flux aetherium ripped t-shirt is from Raf Simons. Fun fact: the designers of this top drew inspiration from the cautionary tale of Icarus (the man who flew too close to the sun). He wears a black long sleeve shirt underneath. We also adore the metal necklace that resembles a crown around his neck. 



ic: Bangchan in a Balenciaga jumper. Featured in Stray Kids’ “MANIAC” Music Video. 

Banchan rocks this casual look! His logo embroidered turtleneck jumper is from Balenciaga. The yellow cashmere material is a relaxed fit and perfect for all of Stray Kids’ intense dance moves. To keep it laid back, Bangchan pairs DREW HOUSE ripped jeans. He wears leather boots from MISBHV which feature a chunky rubber sole and a monogram pattern. His accessories really make the outfit pop. He sports black and purple Off-White logo print gloves. For jewelry, he wears a white and red beaded necklace with a heart pendant as well as Raf Simmons logo earrings. This look is prime and we are taking notes! 



ic:Changbin in Louis Vuitton cargo pants. Featured in Stray Kids’ “MANIAC” Music Video.

Don’t get us started on this amazing neon green fit from Changbin! He is absolutely electric in his Aries logo printed jumper, matching his green highlights perfectly. This fluorescent shade is stunning and looks great next to his printed monogram tie-dye cargo pants from Louis Vuitton. His bright green boots are from Bottega Veneta and have a high ankle. For jewelry, he keeps it to silver tones in a metal chain necklace and earrings. 



ic: I.N. wears a Ralph Lauren rugby shirt. Featured in Stray Kids’ “MANIAC” Music Video.

This Ralph Lauren rugby shirt looks great on I.N! We love the ribbed cuffs and polo collar on this long-sleeved shirt. He wears black trousers and black CONVERSE platform sneakers, which pair wonderfully. He adds in touches of brown in an apron, bow around his collar, and a brown beret. Black and brown is not a common combination, but it is a color combo that should be used more often! 


Lee Know

ic: Lee Know in an Adidas jacket. Featured in Stray Kids’ “MANIAC” Music Video.

We love this mix of dressy and casual. Lee Know wears a white dress shirt with a loose black tie. Over this, he wears an Adidas classic long sleeve cotton-blend jersey jacket in black featuring signature stripes in white at the sleeves. He keeps to the color scheme by wearing black trousers, which he adds several chains to. Additional accessories he includes in this fit are a black leather glove and a chunky metal necklace. 



ic: Han in a Balenciaga choker. Featured in Stray Kids’ “MANIAC” Music Video.

We perhaps saved the best for last–Han is a stunner in this unique fit. To recreate this look, snag a black graphic tee (preferably with some bright detailing, like his neon pink and green). Grab some high-waisted leather pants and make sure to tuck in your shirt to maximize shape. Add some chains to give off even more rockstar vibes. A leather jacket tops off the look. Besides the metal chain earrings and bracelets, the most striking accessory here is his rubber Balenciaga choker! We love this fit so much and hope you try a similar look. 


Whether you try your hand at some neon looks or stick to black and white, we just know there is something here for you to incorporate into your style. Stray Kids know just how to balance chaos and calm in their fashion pieces. This requires careful attention to detail but they have led the way in showing us how to craft outfits with this perfect equilibrium! 


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