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A Ride Through CHUNG HA’s Best Outfits From “Bicycle”

Chung Ha is finally back, and she came back in style! The K-pop icon has recently dropped her new title track, “Bicycle”, for her first studio album, “Querencia”, and we are living for the fashionable and fierce outfits she showcased in the MV. Her fashion is as bold as her lyrics, from trendy streetwear to bejeweled, regal, long dresses - people don’t say Chung Ha has one of the best stylists in the industry for no reason. Let us take you on a ride through some of our favorite looks from the “Bicycle” MV.

School girl fit

ic: Chung Ha wearing the school girl fit featured in her MV Bicycle

Chung Ha makes a strong first impression at the start of the MV with this timeless school girl inspired look. We love how she spiced up the classic pleated checkered skirt by pairing it with the big buckle belt with silver accents, that match perfectly with the simple silver necklaces she layered over this nice emerald green turtleneck we see her rocking in the video. Throw on a cropped, fitted, black jacket, a pair of knee-high socks to match with your favorite black heels, and you’ll be twinning with Chung Ha in no time! She went an extra mile by tying her hair in braided pigtails and matching the green on the skirt with the turtleneck – color coordination on point. Chung Ha wore natural makeup, bringing in a pop of color with the bright pink lipstick that nicely compliments the green accents of the rest of the outfit.


Green and black look

ic: Chung Ha wearing Deni Cheur dress and Valentino belt featured in her MV Bicycle

Talking about green, get ready for this absolutely stunning combination featuring some heavy-duty emerald jewelry. This is definitely one of the strongest looks Chung Ha served in Bicycle. The custom Deni Cheur dress flows beautifully at the bottom, while perfectly hugging her torso at the top. The leather harness-esque details and the asymmetrical cut of the skirt are what brought this classic black gown to another level. And what do you do with a classic black fit? You add accessories, of course! Besides the mentioned green stones she rocked on her neck and ears, Chung Ha introduced gold into the outfit with this gorgeous Valentino wide, leather belt that accentuated her waist and figure beautifully! And don’t even get us started on her leather gloves that added an elegant, yet exquisite touch to the fit. The Ruslan Baginskiy boater hat, embellished with rhinestones on its brim, is a cherry on top! When wearing such a loud look, it’s best to keep your makeup and hair simple, which is exactly what Chunga Ha did by opting for a nude lip and a smokey eye with a rhinestone in each of her inner corners. Her hair is slicked back and let loose, flowing as beautifully as her dress. And the leather thigh-high boots with pointy toes??? An absolute hit!


Streetwear look

ic: Chung Ha wearing Chanel swimsuit featured in her MV Bicycle

With the previous look you are covered for your next Met Gala, but if contemporary streetwear is more your forte, Chung Ha got you covered as well! This look screams “Pink, but make it edgy!”, and is a perfect balance between cutesy and savage. The Chanel 1996 logo-print swimsuit goes perfectly with the colorful Graphic-Print Bomber Jacket by Natasha Zinko, showing us how swimwear can be worn as daywear as well. Chung Ha knows that long sleeves are best paired with something short at the bottom, and the pink Tolapiz shorts, with distressed hems and a cinched-in waist, fit in perfectly with the rest of the look. For jewelry, Chung Ha layered some chunky gold necklaces to fill up the space left empty by the lower cut of the swimsuit, added a pair of heart-shaped earrings, and layered some dangly bracelets and flashy rings – she obviously isn’t afraid to go all out with the bling, and neither should you be! Add a pair of platform boots and tie your hair in space buns, and your fierce Barbie look is complete!


Gold dress

ic: Chung Ha wearing gold dress and crown featured in her MV Bicycle

This “dripping in gold” look is absolutely divine and we can’t get enough of it! The sheer long gold dress with sparkling tulle, and an off-the-shoulder design is to die for! Chung Ha wore this look in two variants… First, keeping it simple but classy by adding a pair of gold dangly earrings, tying her hair in a low pony that brings out the elegance of the look even more, with glowy gold nude makeup, and even her nails painted gold. Then she used that look as a base for this empress-inspired fit you can see on the right. The crown she’s wearing has leaf details that frame her head, with gold chains coming down her face and ending in teardrop jewels – such a statement, we love it! And her golden finger claw rings, which she wore on both hands, give off such a powerful vibe – Chung Ha is a lioness, a mighty queen of her kingdom. Monochromatic outfits are always in, and one of our favorite K-pop idols is clearly hopping on that timeless trend, showing us how even a color as “loud” as gold can be used in such a fit. Would you try something similar to this 24K look yourself? We think you definitely should!


Dance break look

ic: Chung Ha wearing all blac dance break look featured in her MV Bicycle

In this Amazon warrior look, Chung Ha looks absolutely unstoppable! The sleeveless black top brings attention to her shoulders, while the black leather belt with chains looping through hoops attached to it perfectly compliments the leather leg harness on her thigh – this look is a serious head-turner! We love how the warrior skirt looks on her, and with her hair tight up in a high pony, she is ready for the battle on the dancefloor. Chung Ha topped it off with a pair of open-finger black gloves, a silver necklace, and a pair of black boots, perfect for the energetic dance break she delivered wearing this outfit in the MV! We could all definitely take some inspo from this look, chic and practical!


Chung Ha never fails to amaze us with her fashion choices and “Bicycle” is no exception. From pairing leather and silver to playing with mixing patterns and bright colors in her streetwear fits, and absolutely crushing it in her godly gowns and jewels, there is nothing she can’t pull off! We hope you’ll follow the example of one of our favorite K-stars and dress-to-impress no matter the occasion!

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