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aespa makes a scene with their debut fashion in “Black Mamba”

Aespa (에스파) is fresh out of the gate with their debut single, “Black Mamba.” This hit has the world talking about the newest girl group from SM Entertainment. The music video for “Black Mamba” is vibrant and makes a statement that any new K-pop group would dream of. They’re confident and loud in their dance, dress, and performance. We had to detail some of the brightest outfits from the video.


ic: Karina in a DOLLS KILL top and skirt. Featured in aespa’s “Black Mamba” music video.

Karina slays in her purple ensemble. She sports a satin, lace-up corset top from DOLLS KILL and layers a rhinestone bra top, also from DOLLS KILL, over the top. The corset top itself was already a statement, but with the added element, Karina takes it to a whole new level—which is exactly what you want as a debut group! Her mini skirt is also from DOLLS KILL, and adds a holographic element to the piece which works perfectly with the satin top! She wears sparkly white boots to finish the look. Add on a chunky chain necklace and silver earrings and you’re all set!

ic: Karina in a Versace skirt. Featured in aespa’s “Black Mamba” music video.

If this outfit doesn’t get your attention, we don’t know what will! You might be thinking—purple and yellow? YES. This pairing can be difficult to get right; however, when done well it is simply stunning. And Karina hit it out of the park. She sports a purple, gathered biker top from Hitchhiker. Her top is tucked into a skater skirt from Versace with Barocco print. This high waisted piece with gold, black, and white elements is what pulls all of the colors together and helps balance the purple with the rest of the look. Case in point—patterns can save the day! She layers a yellow blazer over her top and adds several white pearl necklaces. Her thigh-high tights paired with black boots balance out the colors. We love this look!


ic: Winter rocks a Gucci bodysuit. Featured in aespa’s “Black Mamba” music video.

Winter is pure sunshine in this yellow attire. She starts the outfit with a Gucci GG embroidered sheer tulle body suit. This base helps to balance the rest of the look, which is comprised of bold colors. Her pink and yellow wool cardigan is from Ashley Williams and has a check pattern. She adds a mini skirt with a slit and enhances it with a loose, star chain belt. Her bright white belt and pearl necklaces help balance the yellow. Additionally, her black boots give a firm footing to the look.

ic: Winter sports tie-dye shorts from DOLLS KILL. Featured in aespa’s “Black Mamba” music video.

Winter keeps it fresh and fun! She sports a sequined pink crop top and layers over a pink fishnet shrug. The sequins give just the right amount of pop while the rest of the colors stay put. Her lace-up tie-dye shorts are from DOLLS KILL and keep the look dance-ready. Her star belt adds a nice touch of pattern. She wears lace-up kicks, which is 100% appropriate for this ensemble!


ic: Giselle in an AREA bow skirt. Featured in aespa’s “Black Mamba” music video.

Giselle looks amazing in this satin bow skirt from AREA. This skirt has a high waist with crystal embellishments and a silver-tone chain trim. The front slit gives this otherwise cutesy skirt some edge. She pairs a silver belt on top to bring out the metallic detailing. A soft lavender blouse-turned-crop-top gives a soft touch to the look. The tulle elements add another layer of texture and interest.  We love how Giselle took what could have been a boring office outfit and made it one that stands out in a crowd!

ic: Giselle in a DOLLS KILL bustier. Featured in aespa’s “Black Mamba” music video.

Giselle is all about cyberpunk with this colorful fit. The most dynamic piece is her hologram bustier from DOLLS KILL. This goes perfectly with aespa’s AI concept and looks right out of a video game. We love how the reflected colors pull together the neon throughout the rest of her outfit. She layers her bustier over a bright blue fitted top and neon green pants. She adds a metallic blue sleeve, a large diamond choker, diamond arm cuff, and jeweled shoulder pad to keep things multidimensional. She shows us that it doesn’t take too many elements to level up!


ic: Ningning in a DOLLS KILL crop top. Featured in aespa’s “Black Mamba” music video.

Aespa continues to show us that layering works! Ningning pairs a velvet DOLLS KILL crop top over a pink long sleeved shirt. The variety of pink shades gives this look a real pop. She customizes a strapless romper from DOLLS KILL to become high waisted shorts. The fitted, pink zebra print is perfect for the tone of the music video. She adds a chunky silver necklace and thin metal belt to break up the pink. Purple boots give an additional pop of color to her outfit.

ic: Ningning in a turtleneck from Net-A-Porter. Featured in aespa’s “Black Mamba” music video.

We love the cyberpunk looks in this video, and Ningning has one of the best! She wears a neon green turtleneck from Net-A-Porter, which she layers a blue corset top over. This is then paired with KYE ripped denim trousers. Her metallic platform boots from DOLLS KILL keep this look unique and hyper-dimensional. She adds custom sunglasses and a flame sculpted earring from Ambush to further push the cyberpunk theme.


Aespa came onto the scene with a bang! If you’re looking to make a statement, these “Black Mamba” outfits are perfect. Take a shot and step outside the box by experimenting with your own bright colors.

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