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BLACKPINK: Chart-Topping High Fashion

While the Kpop girl group’s record-breaking recent comeback video "How You Like That" appeases BLINKS who have been waiting eagerly for over a year, it also serves as a 3-minute feast of the best looks from the catwalk made relatable to the average fashionista on the street. We take a look at some of the notable pieces from each member that caught our eye.



It is impossible to start anywhere else – we absolutely loved the modern take on the traditional Korean hanbok in this music video. Jennie reminds us of cherry blossoms with a pink floral top and jacket (jeogori) by Danha Seoul, maintaining harmony with understated black hotpants. The addition of boots and Chanel gloves gives her a bit of edge, and a midnight blue silk belt with golden embroidery completes the outfit.

ic: Jennie of BLACKPINK wearing a modernised hanbok with black hotpants. Source: BLACKPINK "How You Like That" Official Music Video

The reason Jennie’s denim jacket caught our eye: it brilliantly uses the versatility of denim to balance dazzlingly sequinned high-waist shorts, preventing the look from becoming too loud. It maintains interest through the cross-folded front. Sneakers, although glittery, make the look more urban.

ic: Jennie from Blackpink in denim jacket and sequinned shorts. Source: BLACKPINK "How You Like That" Official Music Video



Lisa was in charge of the whiter color palette this video, and she completely owned it. First, we see her present an oversized fur jacket from Celine, a Stussy bralette, and loose-fitting shorts from Our Legacy. The Saharan colors all work extremely well together with the gold belt a perfect accessory to provide a touch of hip-hop royalty.

ic: Lisa from BLACKPINK wearing an oversized fur jacket and printed shorts. Source: BLACKPINK "How You Like That" Official Music Video

Soon after, we get treated to this bold mock two-piece from Off-White, which combines faint-pink frilly wings, an asymmetric skirt, and camo cargo pants for a powerful fashion statement.

ic: Lisa from BLACKPINK wearing a frilly long dress and cargo pants. Source: Vogue



Rosé looks like a black swan in this feathered masterpiece custom-made for her by Bridal Kong. The wide use of black only contrasted by the gold flowers flowing down the gown at the top adds a dark and mature twist.

ic: Rosé from BLACKPINK wearing a feathered black gown. Source: BLACKPINK "How You Like That" Official Music Video

We like our black chokers, but Rosé proves white can be just as attractive below with her lace-pendant choker, looking angelic in a white long-sleeve shirt elegantly offset by a rose-metal corset for a layer of Victorian grace.

ic: Rosé from BLACKPINK wearing a white choker and white long-sleeved shirt. Source: BLACKPINK "How You Like That" Official Music Video



Jisoo stunned us with this red Alexander McQueen midi dress, with chunky platform heels, a black & gold belt and an elaborate headpiece finishing off the regal look.

ic: Jisoo from BLACKPINK wearing a red midi dress with a black and gold belt. Source: BLACKPINK "How You Like That" Official Music Video

We end it where we started – another wonderful modernized hanbok outfit, this time worn by Jisoo. In keeping with the group name, the outfit is a beautiful blend of black and neon pink, a darker take on Jennie’s one above. However, the costume is customized with gold armlets and colorful tassels (norigae), which results in an almost French-revolutionary look similar to Coldplay during their Viva La Vida era. Embroidered knee-high boots and minimalist black shorts make the look more street-chic and casual.

ic: Jisoo from BLACKPINK wearing a modern hanbok over black shorts and black boots. Source: BLACKPINK "How You Like That" Official Music Video


We can’t wait to see what these girls have in store for us for the remainder of this comeback. BLACKPINK, we liked that very much indeed.

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