Blackpink 'Lovesick Girls': Outfits You'll Fall For

Finally, the queens of K-pop have their first full-length album! Blackpink has made their latest comeback with their new record, The Album. We are loving the girl-power jams, especially the new music video for “Lovesick Girls”. We’re going to break down the best outfits from the new shoot so you can bring Blackpink to your area and snag some of these out of the box looks!


ic: Lisa sports a crystal net top from Area and an Alexander Wang denim jacket. Featured in Blackpink’s “Lovesick Girls” Music Video.
Lisa slays in this nighttime layered outfit. She sports Area’s crystal butterfly net top over a dark graphic tee. This crystal top has an adjustable lobster clasp closer and sparkles above the black shirt beneath. Lisa adds a grey denim bomber jacket from Alexander Wang for added dimension. The look is complemented by sheer, ripped black stockings and cream colored platform wedge boots from Club Exx. We think Lisa is incredible in this nocturnal ensemble.
ic: Lisa dazzles in sequined pants and a butterfly crop top from Namilia. Featured in Black Pink’s “Love Sick Girls” Music Video.
Lisa plays with all the patterns in her spunky green outfit. She shows us that we shouldn’t be afraid to change things up—notice all the different shades of green involved as well as the various patterns. Learn from Lisa and take risks! The statement of this piece is her butterfly tribal top from Namilia. Over this, she wears a cropped green and black plaid blazer with ragged edges. A wide black belt sits above sequined green sweatpants. Lisa wears a colorful chunky necklace to blend everything together. She finishes the look with white boots.
ic: Lisa wears Alexander Wang shorts and a red, white, and blue striped cardigan. Featured in Blackpink’s “Lovesick Girls” Music Video.
Lisa mixes it up again with this look. She sports a red, white, and blue striped cardigan (complete with shiny stars) on top of a black cropped turtleneck with cold shoulder sleeves. Her silver and gold necklaces pop above the dark shirt, adding bright tones. Lisa’s belt is a black, yoke style with golden accents. This really makes a statement! Her dark shorts are from Alexander Wang with a frayed hem to maintain casual vibes. Another dynamic piece is the black harness worn underneath her shorts. This helps keep the look edgy and unique.  Finally, her knee length deep burgundy boots are the perfect end for the outfit…and for dancing the night away!


ic: Jisoo in a Club Exx tie-dye corset dress. Featured in Blackpink’s “Lovesick Girls” Music Video.
Jisoo brings the party in her denim tie-dye corset dress from Club Exx. This dress was modified by cutting it to a ripped slant. We love when designers get creative! Around her neck is a prominent chunky chain necklace. Underneath the dress is a light teal tee with ripped sleeves and black high-waisted shorts. To keep the look comfortable, she adds knee length black boots.
ic: Jisoo in a plaid hoodie and platform boots. Featured in Black Pink’s “Love Sick Girls” Music Video.
Jisoo sports a red tee, which she has tied into a crop top. It’s amazing how quickly you can restyle any piece of loose clothing this way! She wears a loose, plaid hoodie which accompanies her high-waisted plaid skirt. We love the baggy over tight effect and how it can add variety to an outfit. Jisoo wears several necklaces, from lockets to dainty chains, which help make the look more interesting! She has black socks paired with dark platform boots for mobility. We love this casual prep theme and how Black Pink uses it to match their style.
ic: Jisoo wearing a Dior J’Adior gold choker and pinstripe blazer. Featured in Blackpink’s “Lovesick Girls” Music Video.
In this look, Jisoo adds another modified outfit to her wardrobe. She sports a crop length pinstripe blazer and a cut pink patterned tie. She adds an open shouldered shirt with puffed white cuffed sleeves to bring out a business touch. For jewelry, she wears a couple of gold rings, dangling gold earrings, as well as a Dior J’Adior choker in antique gold. Her skirt is ripped denim with several colorful iron on patches to keep the outfit fun and preppy. Underneath are sheer pink plaid tights and black platform boots. We love the added twists and unique flare this collection brings!


ic: Rosé in a R13 T-shirt and Lamoda Platform Mary Janes. Featured in Blackpink’s “Lovesick Girls” Music Video.
Rosé is bubbly and sweet in this playful outfit. She makes a statement with her Elvis mugshot T-shirt from R13. Layered perfectly on top is a grey, wool blended boloro knit top from The Open Project. For bottoms she wears black shorts topped with a thin yellow tutu. The look is completed with grey socks and white platform Mary Janes from Lamoda. We think Rosé looks as pretty as a princess, but slays like a queen!
ic: Rosé in a Vivienne Westwood cardigan and skirt and Dr.Martens platform shoes. Featured in Blackpink’s “Lovesick Girls” Music Video.
Cardigans are perfect for fall and Blackpink capitalized on their opportunity to stay on trend. Here, Rosé wears a Vivienne Westwood knit cardigan and matching skirt. Both the cardigan and skirt have been modified to fit her style. The Anglomania red check cardigan was created into a crop length and the knit skirt was given a trim to make it drop right above her black tights. Rosé’s black Dr. Martens Holly platform lace-up shoes make this school girl vibe come together. A+, Rosé!
ic: Rosé wears a black tee and R13 plaid shirt. Featured in Black Pink’s “Love Sick Girls” Music Video.
Rosé wears a loose black tee, which she fits with a black girdle at the waist. Also above her tee is a patterned blue and black bra top, which adds variety! Rosé has a plaid shirt from R13 around her waist to bring a pop of red. Black shorts and fishnet stockings allow for style and flexibility. White boots kick the look into gear, breaking up the dark tones. The silver MX-BT & MX necklace is unique and gives an additional edge, but a large blue hair-bow reminds us of her playful side. We love how Rosé makes casual look cool!


ic: Jennie in a R13 T-shirt. Featured in Blackpink’s “Lovesick Girls” Music Video.
Jennie means business with this outfit! She sports a Velvet Underground graphic print T-shirt from R13, the primary colors being red and white. A black corset over the tee is used for an edgier look. To pull it all together, Jennie rocks a pinstripe blazer with added pins and an iron on crest. She really makes an entrance with her black westloop chap boots and we are here for it!
ic: Jennie in a Farfetch sweater and C Square Toe Boots. Featured in Black Pink’s “Love Sick Girls” Music Video.

Jennie plays up her style by customizing and shaping regular pieces of clothing into masterpieces. She wears a ripped oversized knit sweater from Farfetch. Notice she only used the sleeves!? A colorful bandeau and high waisted ripped jean shorts give the look a bubbly vibe. Layered over is a custom denim dress cutout. She uses delicate fishnet stockings and C Square Toe Boots to wrap up the look.

ic: Jennie in a SANTUARY cardigan, Marine Serre bra top, and BADBLOOD cowboy boots. Featured in Blackpink’s “Lovesick Girls” Music Video.
Jennie brought country to K-pop! Underneath a leopard print Lenox cardigan from SANCTUARY, Jennie slays in a black Marine Serre bra top. Above the Marine Serre is a brown leopard bandeau, which helps optimize the theme of her top half. A teal, white, and pink leopard print scarf adorns her neck and adds a bit of flare to the look. For bottoms, she wears jean shorts and a black belt layered over thin blue tights. Doesn’t this pop of color do something amazing to the look!? Jennie finishes the style with black cowboy boots from BADBLOOD. Whether you’re jamming to old school Taylor Swift or Blackpink’s new album, this outfit is versatile to any dance party or jam session with friends.
We love how Blackpink challenges the status quo with so many of these looks! Whether it’s Jisoo’s cut tie and ripped dress or Rosé’s tutu and five inch Mary Janes—these women show the world that taking fashion risks can pay off big time! Try mixing up your wardrobe and discover a flare of your own!
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