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Blackpink & Selena Gomez 'Ice Cream': The Fashion Flavor

Blackpink continue to ramp up the excitement ahead of their first full-length album with the release of new single 'Ice Cream'. The video for the collaboration with Selena Gomez is awash with summery pastel goodness, from the set design to the delicious looking ice creams the girls are holding. But we’re nightcity, and we’re here to take you through the fashion. Read on to see which of the many looks they wore suits you the best!


Blackpink: Urban Fluffy

ic: Blackpink in frilly-urban clothing. Source: YouTube

The first set of outfits see the band trading fluffy and urban in equal measure for a trendy result. Look at Jennie for example – she wears a frilly pink crop top with white tech pants. We are particularly impressed by her 1997 Chanel suspenders strapped on the waist of her jeans in a similar way to chained belt accessories. This is a neat new take on bringing suspenders back into the casual fashion scene. Meanwhile, Lisa wears a similarly frilly asymmetric sleeve white tank top with straight vintage high-waist jeans.

Jisoo’s veiled beret and floral corset match the organza flowers on Jennie’s top. She gives it a bit more edge with the use of black flower-embroidered Dior hotpants and matching stockings. Rosé matches her Dalmation-print corset by Ashley Williams with a white feathered skirt for a color palette that works well with her light purple hair. Speaking of color palettes, we really love the way the colors of these outfits match those on the set. It is soft on the eyes and makes for a very pleasant and aesthetic scene.


Blackpink: Casual Pastel

ic: Blackpink in casual pastel summer clothing. Source: YouTube

This scene sees the group get ready for a picnic in a laid-back and comfortable style, with the use of accessories paramount in elevating the elegance of each outfit. From Rosé wearing a muscat plaid Why Not Us mesh shirt, matching high-waist skirt and white bralette, to Lisa’s baby blue maribou-trimmed blazer and white miniskirt combo, to the baby pink of Jisoo and Jennie’s outfits, the casual pastel vibes on show here are perfect for a day out in the sun.

We thought this was by far the cutest scene in the video, due to the easygoing nature of the outfits and how much fun the girls look like they are having. Ice cream cones with lil' kitties and baby pink? Why not!


Blackpink: Wimbledon White

ic: Blackpink in all-white tennis outfits. Source: YouTube

Blackpink serves up a quadruple scoop of Wimbledon summer with these classic all-white tennis skirts and crop tops from Chanel and Dior. This look is a real matchwinner, with all the girls also wearing chunky white tennis sneakers. Each of the members ratchets (or should we say “racquets”) up their respective outfit with accessories and bursts of colors. Jennie sports a narrow belt bag, displaying influences from tech-wear, couple with a skinny fit, lightweight, cropped sweater tee with short sleeves and navy blue striped hems. The combination of pieces accentuates the A-line silhouette of her outfit.  Rosé goes for a gold pendant necklace and bracelet combination to add luster to her black-strapped white bralette and classic white pleated skirt. 

Jisoo opts for a printed belt and an off-shoulder skinny long sleeve white tee, embroidered with metal accessories for an extra dimension of gleaming detail. We also notice her print hairband matching with her belt and perfectly synergistic silver choker necklace sticking with Blackpink's chosen color palette for this scene. Finally, Lisa clinches the set with her green hair and glittery red-embroidered white top and striking stripey wristband. We may need to raise our tennis fashion game now that Blackpink have shown us how to really step onto court through this fun scene.


Blackpink: 1980s Monochrome

ic: Blackpink in monochrome 1980s-inspired outfits. Source: YouTube

The hat game is strong in this scene, where Blackpink visits an ice cream shop dressed head-to-toe in 1980s monochrome. Lisa frames her outfit with a white newsboy cap and high boots, while Jisoo goes for a black wide-brimmed hat to balance her leather bra zig-zag cut-out skater mini dress from David Koma. Rosé wears a beret as a perfect complement to her elaborate bowed, slit skirt in a Cannes-ready look, while we love Jennie’s pearled-up boater hat that she pairs with black leather hotpants and her black jacket.

The clever use of accessories does not go unnoticed, for example, the hooped white earings Rosé flaunts, or Jisoo’s black choker. Damn, thank you Blackpink for sorting out our closet for probably the whole of 2021, you're being way too generous with this video!


Blackpink: Bubble Grunge

ic: Blackpink in soft grunge outfits. Source: YouTube

Blackpink are the queens of their very own pink bouncy castle getting ready for an end-of-summer beach party in this scene. Here we see the 4 singers embracing soft grunge with an array of fashion statements. Lisa is latex-clad in a black high-waist miniskirt, matching high-neck tank top and metal hoop earrings. We particularly appreciate the skull-pattern black bandana - biker vibes anyone? Jisoo goes for one of the hottest trends this year – the printed scarf top (see our blog post about it). She pairs it with faded jean shorts, for a sandy look. Jisoo then adds an element of grunge through the use of metallic chain accessories.

Rosé and Jennie are the yin and yang to each other in their respective black and white outfits, with their skinny crop tops and miniskirts. Jennie decides on a bubbly sky-blue pleated skirt, matching belt, fun pink bralette, and bright red scarf hair tie, while Rosé goes the other way with a gridded black and red pencil skirt, red bralette and black silver-banded military hat. Can we just say how much fun this looks?


Selena Gomez: 1950s Pin-up

ic: Selena Gomez in 1950s-themed retro fashion. Source: YouTube

Selena Gomez opens the video in a stunning red striped bikini top and high-waist button bottoms. We love the addition of a sailor hat to the mix, with white gloves completing the look. She then dons a vintage Puma bodysuit, translucent green visor, and white roll-up socks (unseen) in a perfect black tennis-inspired answer to Blackpink’s all-white outfits above. She takes us all the way back to the 1950s with her polka-dot crop top from For Love & Lemons with matching blue polka-dot shorts and gives it a touch of class with her gold hoop earrings. In keeping with the retro fashion on full display in this music video, we round out this blog with her Lè Rumi romper, silk scarf hair-tie, and pink high heels (unseen) for a 50s pin-up classic straight from the French Riviera.


Blackpink and Selena Gomez have come together to create an instant hit, and the perfect tonic to a lazy summer.  This was a true bop, and the dollops of sugary retro fashion on display here just made our day. The girls presented a multitude of flavors through their constant stream of outfit changes, and we loved it all! Now if you will excuse us, we’re off to grab an ice cream and continue listening to this song on repeat!



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