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BTS Dynamite: Time-Travelling Fashion

BTS is back with explosive new single 'Dynamite', and it’s the feel-good tune we all needed! Released on August 21st, the disco-pop track features the boys in an array of colorful retro-themed garments, bopping along to the catchiest beat of the summer. Read on to find out which throwback pieces worn by each member caught our eye!



ic: RM of BTS wearing Nike Dunk Sneakers, Gucci print shirt and faded denim. Source: Big Hit Entertainment and YouTube

On the left, band leader RM is seen sporting jean shorts, white roll-up socks and Nike SB Dunk Ben & Jerry’s sneakers. He matched this with a classic white T and blue cardigan, resulting in an old-school skater boy look.

In the middle, he cleverly matches his star print shirt from Gucci with a pair of orange corduroys (unseen) and tops it all off with a pair of retro sunglasses for a 90’s Venice Beach vibe.

To the right, he uses an oversize faint blue shirt with matching faded blue straight jeans to balance his dazzling blue hair. The necklace from Kujaan is a classy accessory.



ic: Jin of BTS wearing stripey knitted vest and polka dot shirt from Saint Laurent. Source: Big Hit Entertainment and YouTube

The eldest member opts for a boyish look with a dazzling knitted vest paired with straight jeans and a white T underneath. Together with his ginger hair, the orangey look blasts us with a vibrant dose of '80s summer.

On the right, the self-proclaimed Mr. Worldwide Handsome dons a polka dot shirt from Saint Laurent and matching brown trousers, held together by the abstract diagonal panel belt by Bottega Veneta and a necklace from Vintage Hollywood for a subtly psychedelic take on retro.



ic: Suga of BTS wearing midnight blue print baseball shirt and matching pants over white T-shirt. Source; Big Hit Entertainment and YouTube

Suga scores a slam dunk by wearing this stunning midnight blue outfit. The leaf-patterned baseball shirt and matching loose pants give a laidback summer night charm. Having grown up a keen basketballer, the rapper's stylistic eye is definitely on the ball as he decides to layer it over a LeBron x Tune Squad Jersey from Nike for a trendy athleisure look borrowed from the streets of the ’80s, but with a silky finish that elevates it in class.



ic: J-Hope of BTS wearing black Obey T-shirt, corduroys and red leather shirt jacket. Source: Big Hit Entertainment and YouTube

J-Hope explodes on to the scene in this music video with his Obey Big Shot T-shirt and contrasting orange corduroys. The orange retro shades, the poppy blocks of color on the black background of his T-shirt, coupled with the bright orange of his trousers and vintage red sneakers match his sunny energy. He blings it all up with a clover themed combination of necklaces and ring (unseen) from Wilhelmina Garcia.

The star dancer then stuns with one of our personal favorites from the video, a red leather shirt by Gucci reminiscent of Thriller-era Michael Jackson. Coupled with a belt from the same brand and blue boot-cut jeans, he finishes with a pair of pearl-white pointed dancing shoes (unseen) for a vintage rock and roll show-stopper Elvis Presley would have been proud of.



ic: Jimin of BTS in double-denim, lilac blazer and T-shirt, and green Gucci jacket-jeans combo. Source: Big Hit Entertainment and YouTube

Jimin has a retro moment or three in this music video, first with a distressed denim pair of jacket and jeans from Ralph Lauren, complete with bursts of pink, delightfully old-school square Carin sunglasses and a gradient tee by Dior.

In the middle, he presents a dreamy 70’s themed outfit with a light purple blazer, lilac Jacquemus T-shirt and matching light purple shorts (unseen). The outfit goes well with his coffee brown hair for a pleasantly pastel moment.

On the right, he sports an all-Gucci ensemble of vintage zip-up jacket, flared jeans, belt and loafers with a tucked-in white T-shirt ready for an old-school American roller disco party.



ic: V of BTS in red silk cardigan, brown Converse and green Gucci suit. Source: Big Hit Entertainment and YouTube

V oozes urban cool in a radiant red silk cardigan layered over a white T-shirt and blue straight jeans for a pre-streetwear look, with brown Converse sneakers for a youthful charm.

On the right, he decks out in full Gucci with an all-green suit. The high-waist tailored trousers, button-down waistcoat and shirt-tie combination complement his husky vocals for a mature vinyl-era record executive aura.



ic: Jungkook of BTS wearing double-denim and check jacket and jeans outfits from Gucci. Source: Big Hit Entertainment and YouTube

Here the youngest of the group, Jungkook, shimmies his way through the chorus and into the ’80s with a check jacket, leather belt and regular jeans all from Gucci. The use of a white T-shirt balances the look.

Finishing off the list with a bang, the multitalented performer brings back the Canadian tuxedo, but in oversized, drop-shoulder version courtesy of Luis Vuitton. He combines the double denim salvo with a pair of Timberland boots and a Kujaan necklace for a fast-forward into 90’s hip-hop.


Dynamite proves that 2020 is no match for BTS, who are firing on all fronts be it musically, cinematically, or stylistically. They’ve provided us with a welcome dosage of summery nostalgia due to the bright beat, colorful art, disco-diner vibes, and of course the outfits! We cannot wait to see what other retro-goodness they’ve got up their sleeve; for now, we’ll have this tune on repeat. Call us Dynamite-city.

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