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BTS Fashion Doesn’t Get Much “Butter” Than This

BTS is at it again with another full English song! After their fantastic chart-topper, “Dynamite,” we didn’t know what they had up their sleeve next. “Butter” did not disappoint in terms of quality, style, or catchy lyrics. This no doubt will be one of the anthems of summer 2021. Along with some new hairstyles, BTS spared no expense in the variety of outfits featured in this music video. We are here to melt with you as we explore our favorite looks from “Butter.”

Kim Namjoon (RM)

ic: Kim Namjoon in GIVENCHY boots. Featured in BTS’ “Butter” Music Video.

RM turns heads in this unique blend of patterns and accessories. He wears a black tulle undershirt, which is covered by a bright white collared shirt. For a pop of black, he adds suspenders which are attached to his loose black shorts. The shorts stick to the color scheme with white trim. His black boots are from GIVENCHY and have a square toe. Namjoon’s accessories are particularly good in this fit. He wears stud earrings, silver rings, and a pair of oversized pink GG sunglasses from Gucci. This conglomeration of elements works so well and we are taking notes!


Kim Seokjin (Jin)

ic: Jin in a Marni track jacket. Featured in BTS’ “Butter” Music Video.

Mr. Worldwide Handsome looked amazing in this music video. Because we normally see him dressed to the nines, we thought we'd shake things up and dive into his casual look. He brings the heat in this fit, perfect for a day on the basketball court or chilling with some friends. These Technical Jersey pants have a lateral white striped pattern and pair perfectly with his embroidered track jacket from Marni. We appreciate this choice of yellow, not only in reference to the song title but because it looks so good on Jin! He pairs this with a white t-shirt from MUDIDI. Jin’s blue sneakers are from Gucci and help remind us that he may be in a tracksuit, but the man has style!


Min Yoongi (Suga)

ic: Suga in a Palm Angels t-shirt. Featured in BTS’ “Butter” Music Video.

Yoongi looks so smooth in this fit. His forest green t-shirt is from Palm Angels and features both a front and back logo print. We love the round neck, wide short sleeves, and straight hem on this top. For bottoms, Suga wears green training track pants from PAIRING, which sport a yellow drawstring and white and yellow trim down the side. To break up the green, he adds gold necklaces and wears several bracelets which are mostly metallic and black. Finishing up this cool casual look, he rocks a pair of Gucci high-top sneakers.


Jung Hoseok (J-Hope)

ic: J-Hope rocks a Bailmain blazer. Featured in BTS’ “Butter” Music Video.

J-Hope normally brings sunshine wherever he goes, but he brought the heat looking like this! His incredible blazer is from Balmain and features a puff shoulder. With gold-tone buttons, cropped sleeves, and peak lapels, Hoseok would turn heads in any room. He keeps this look chic by choosing an all-black ensemble—from his sleeveless, textured shirt to his black belt and pants. To add some edge, Hobi wears several rings, a metal bracelet, and various length chain pendant necklaces. Easily create your own smooth criminal look by picking black elements, such as pants and shirt, and layer over a black blazer.


Park Jimin (Jimin)

ic: Jimin in Alexander McQueen sneakers. Featured in BTS’ “Butter” Music Video.

Jimin stuns in this black and white outfit. Over a white tank top, he layers a loose black mesh long-sleeved shirt. He adds an oversized cable-link chain necklace from Alexander McQueen for a pop of metallic. For bottoms, he rocks oversized leather shorts. We love the various textures he chose for this fit and is a great example of how to do this right! Jimin wears black socks and studded chunky sneakers from Alexander McQueen to finish this look. Something unique about this fit is the presence of both hard and soft elements. No greater member to pull this off than Jimin.


Kim Taehyung (V)

ic: V in Chanel glasses. Featured in BTS’ “Butter” Music Video.

Tae is the king of unusual glasses. "Butter" is no exception! These square glasses are from Chanel and have gold rims and helpful blue-light filtering (which we need after watching this music video so many times!). V's dangle earrings are also from Chanel and are composed of gold and crystal. The pop of gold in both of these Chanel items goes perfectly with his darker suit, which he pairs with a lighter, patterned shirt.


Jeon Jungkook (Jungkook)

ic: Jungkook in a Versace blazer. Featured in BTS’ “Butter” Music Video.

Jungkook was a stunner in the music video. He looked incredible in this Versace crystal-embellished double-breasted blazer. This blazer features a button fastening, peak lapels, a chest welt pocket as well as front flap pockets, and an American rear vent. JK shows the world that he is classy but still can have a good time. With this piece, he wears a black unbuttoned dress shirt which is tucked into black trousers. To keep with the monochromatic look, he pairs black dress shoes. Jungkook wears several golden rings and a necklace to bring a little extra shimmer to the look. Let’s not forget the facial jewels as well—this one added element took the ensemble to a whole new level!


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