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Christmas EveL: Stray Kids Fashion That Made the Nice List

Stray Kids gave STAY a Christmas gift this year with their Christmas EP, Christmas EveL. Bringing in the holiday cheer with their title song, we felt the Christmas spirit with this fun music video. From bright colors to unique accessories, Stray Kids held nothing back when it comes to fashion. But don’t worry, these looks aren’t just for the holiday season. You can rock these any time of year!


ic: Hyunjin in a Marni t-shirt. Featured in Stray Kids’ “Christmas EveL” Music Video. 

Nothing says winter like some snowboarding goggles. Hyunjin shows us that rocking accessories like this is not only possible but totally stylish. His logo print bright white t-shirt is from Marni. He layers a popping, oversized yellow jacket. For pants, Hyunjin sports mixed patterned trousers, with one leg completely black and the other a glen plaid pattern. His jewelry is kept to silver tones, from his short chain necklace, bracelet, and earrings. This was a smart move as there is so much going on in the outfit already, adding more pops of color would be overwhelming. 


Bang Chan

ic: Bang Chan rocks a 032c knit jumper. Featured in Stray Kids’ “Christmas EveL” Music Video. margin-left: autopx; float: none;

Bang Chan looks incredible in this vibrant holiday look. He sports a Berlin intarsia merino-knit jumper from 032c. We love how bright this acid green is! For accessories, he wears Chanel suspenders and earmuffs, as well as Chanel logo earrings. This addition of black and white helps neutralize the pop of neon from his jumper. For pants, he wears white trousers. This outfit is a great reminder that black and white elements can make those outgoing colors shine!



ic: Changbin in Nike overalls. Featured in Stray Kids’ “Christmas EveL” Music Video.

The first thing that caught our eye in this fit was the Nike Sportswear Swoosh overalls. With utility cargo pockets, tapered leg, and embroidered Swoosh detailing, this piece is incredible! However, this fit is more than just overalls–Changbin is the king of layering (which is perfect for all those nighttime outings in the winter snow). He sports a black turtleneck, which is then layered with a white polo, and lastly a cream sweater. His dark beaded necklace adds variation in shape and helps break up the white. 



ic: Han rocks a turquoise puffer jacket. Featured in Stray Kids’ “Christmas EveL” Music Video.

Han looks amazing in this winter outfit. He sports a graphic white tee and white gradient cargo pants. His turquoise puffer jacket matches his sneakers, and we love the clean look this color brings. Next time you’re styling an outfit, try matching your shoes to your jacket and see how it transforms your look! 



ic: Seungmin in a Prada bucket hat. Featured in Stray Kids’ “Christmas EveL” Music Video. 

Seungmin in Bucket hats are in, and Seungmin is riding that wave! We love his black Prada bucket hat with padded design and a flat rim. He matches his hat with a furry black cardigan, which sports a white cuff. He layers this over a long white t-shirt. To give this black and white look a pop of shine, he wears a silver chunky chain necklace. With just the right accessories, it doesn’t take much to make a simple outfit look outstanding!  



ic: Felix sports Gucci sweatpants. Featured in Stray Kids’ “Christmas EveL” Music Video.

Felix is bursting with Christmas fun in this ensemble. He wears a patterned scarf on his head, which is a unique move but we are here for it! He layers a long-sleeve red sweater over a long-sleeve black shirt, and over both of those he wears a white vest. His black jersey sweatpants are from Gucci and feature the iconic GG logo on the side. We can’t forget to mention his incredible orange-tinted shades! Can you wear sunglasses at night? Yes. Can you wear them inside a convenience store being pushed around in a shopping cart? Also, yes. 



ic: I.N. in a HELMUT LANG hoodie. Featured in Stray Kids’ “Christmas EveL” Music Video.

I.N. keeps it fresh with a sheen black hoodie from HELMUT LANG. This cotton mesh hoodie provides a light covering and would be perfect to wear by itself inside. However, I.N. (running around causing trouble in the cold) needed to layer up with a white button-down jumpsuit. His black visor is from Prada, and we love this fashion piece from the 90s’ making rounds again! 


Lee Know

ic: Lee Know in a burgundy beret. Featured in Stray Kids’ “Christmas EveL” Music Video.

We adore the accessories on this Lee Know fit. He sports mismatched earrings to add variation in length. This is a styling technique that everyone should try as it elevates a look in such a simple way! His chunky chain necklace peeks out from under his black jacket. He wears several rings; one of them matches his burgundy beret. This subtle pop of red helps pull the look together. For pants, he wears black and white joggers, which are purrrrfect for some Christmas mischief. 


Stray Kids had such a fun time in this music video, and it shows through their styling! We love how many hats and fun accessories were used, as well as bright pops of color. Winter styles don’t have to be restricted to tan trench coats and traditional color patterns. Explore the neons, black and whites, and turquoise this holiday season and beyond!


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