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EVERGLOW's LA DI DA: Where Disco Meets 2020 Fashion

EVERGLOW is one to watch! They’ve made such big strides, with their hit of “Adios” and now “LA DI DA.” We love the content they put out and the fashion statements that go along with their bold anthems. “LA DI DA” is no exception! We want to highlight the best looks from this retro, girl power jam.


ic: Yiren wears a Paula Knorr blouse. Featured in EVERGLOW’s “LA DI DA” Music Video.

Yiren stuns in this satin Paula Knorr’s off-shoulder draped blouse. To keep this disco-chic, she wears rhinestone fringe black denim shorts from DOLLS KILL. Saint Laurent monogram textured tassel earrings keep in theme and elevate the look.

ic: Yiren sports a corset top from Dsquared2. Featured in EVERGLOW’s “LA DI DA” Music Video.
We love how each of their red outfits is uniquely styled. Yiren’s ensemble includes a stunning red laced corset top from Dsquared2. This includes a side and front zipper, scoop neck, and is in the style of a racerback tank top. A chunky gold chain adds some flair to the look. Her shorts are wrapped with a plaid hoodie which gives greater dimension to the outfit. For shoes, she laces up some Converse Run Star Hike high-top trainers. This outfit is not only cute casual, but somewhat easy to replicate—always a win!


ic: Aisha wears a Balmain t-shirt and DOLLS KILL boots. Featured in EVERGLOW’s “LA DI DA” Music Video.
Stunning and simple, Aisha pairs a white Balmain logo-print t-shirt with a purple satin dress to bring this pop look to life. The custom dress has cut sleeves and bodice, and ties at the waist. She layers this over high-waisted jean shorts. For accessories, Aisha wears black leather gloves, bulky gold chain necklaces, and spiral earrings from Jacquemus. Black lace-up knee boots from DOLLS KILL give just the right touch!
ic: Aisha wears a DOLLS KILL top and choker necklace. Featured in EVERGLOW’s “LA DI DA” Music Video.
Aisha is a knock out in this monochromatic red outfit. She sports a DOLLS KILL red vinyl top with rhinestone buckle straps and a slit cutout across the bodice. A half-jacket adorns half of her torso. Atu Body Couture key charm tapered trousers give variety to the look by loosening up the fabric and framing the body in hip-hop fashion. Aisha glams up the look with an O-ring choker necklace from DOLLS KILL. Air Jordan OG Sneakers give a punch and wrap up this action movie meets hip-hop style.


ic: E:U wears a Halpern dress. Featured in EVERGLOW’s “LA DI DA” Music Video.
This multicolored dress from Halpern helps E:U command a room. This unique cut and style is paired with a bright yellow long-sleeved glove and ankle boots of the same color. She avoids jewelry to keep the focus on the dress, however, she does accessorize with tiny gemstones around her eyes. We love the small details!
ic: E:U wears an Off-White one piece and Valentino Garavani ankle boots. Featured in EVERGLOW’s “LA DI DA” Music Video.
E:U is on fire in this red outfit! She sports an Off-White low-back one-piece, which has a round neck and sleek design. Over this she wears red leather high-waisted shorts from Manokhi. As an exception to the all red attire, E:U dons some golden necklaces, rings, earrings, and an arm cuff. A Jitney 1.0 belt bag with an arrow logo keeps with the theme. To add some sass, she wears all red Valentino Garavani ankle boots.


ic: Onda rocks a Matty Bovan blouse and skirt from Manokhi.  Featured in EVERGLOW’s “LA DI DA” Music Video.
Onda is so chic in this attire! The puff-sleeve floral-print blouse from Matty Bovan is absolutely fantastic. It contains panels of colorful geometric-patterns, shaped to a Victorian-inspired silhouette. The high collar and puffed sleeves are lady-like but the zip-through front gives a modern twist. She pairs this with a red leather biker skirt from Manokhi. Onda makes a statement with her metal and Swarowsky crystals earrings from GCDS. She is a world wonder in this outfit!
ic: Onda wears a Balmain’s sequined top. Featured in EVERGLOW’s “LA DI DA” Music Video.
Balmain’s asymmetric silver sequined top looks absolutely radiant on Onda! This top has been customized to be a crop top and we love it! It is paired with holographic tights and silver ankle boots. Hoop earrings add flair to the 80s dance vibe. We’re here for the modern retro!


ic: Sihyeon wears an asymmetric top from 16Arlingon. Featured in EVERGLOW’s “LA DI DA” Music Video.
Sihyeon is all about the disco glam in her look! She sports a sequined asymmetric top from 16Arlington. Underneath, she wears holographic tights. Sparkling black boots keep the look shining like a disco ball. The variation in shade and texture make Sihyeon’s look unique and creative! For jewelry, she sticks to silver tones in her bracelet, rings, and dangling earrings.
ic: Sihyeon rocks all leather attire and Bottega Veneta earrings. Featured in EVERGLOW’s “LA DI DA” Music Video.
No one’s bringing our girl down in this attire! Sihyeon wears a cropped leather jacket and black leather pants. Her silver chain loop earrings are from Bottega Veneta and keep the look cool and collected. She adds leather boots to ensure the monotone look. We think the leather is not only classic but looks so hardcore! Keep doing your thing, Sihyeon!


ic: Mia sports a Halpern turtleneck evening top. Featured in EVERGLOW’s “LA DI DA” Music Video.
Mia is a disco queen with this outfit. Her sequined turtleneck evening top from Halpern is simply dazzling! Her holographic tights keep the look radiant. She takes every opportunity to shine with her glittering light-colored sequined boots. Mia adds golden earrings, a diamond bracelet, and silver rings to ensure all the sparkles possible!
ic: Mia wears a black leather outfit. Featured in EVERGLOW’s “LA DI DA” Music Video.
In all black, Mia slays the night. She sports a shiny leather shrug over a black, fitted crop top. Belts adorn her midsection as well as her waist. Matching leather pants and chunky black boots keep the outfit coordinated. She adds a touch of gold with hoop earrings. Mia makes this monochromatic outfit look flawless!
EVERGLOW has NO time for haters with this type of style. Any haters are just afraid to admit they’re jealous of this amazing fashion. Well, we aren’t afraid to admit it! Say “la-di-da” to all the bad guys and replicate these looks.
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