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Exo’s Kai, The First Korean To Lead as Gucci’s Global Brand Ambassador: Here’s Why

Not just music, but Exo Kai’s fashion is on another level. He’s one of the biggest and most influential artists in the world with a huge fan-base in the K-pop industry. Everything trendy in Korea from oversized fits, hardcore layering to off-key accessories… Kai does it all but with a classic touch.

After reading this you’ll understand why Gucci chose him as their first Korean global brand ambassador, and get an insight into his style.

ic: Exo Kai in Incheon International Airport as seen on his Instagram (@zkdlin) post on September 23, 2018, Source: The Korea Times Newspaper

16 months after attending his first Gucci event in 2019, Exo Kai was handpicked to be the first Korean to represent their brand globally.

But why Kai compared to everyone else?

It’s straightforward, he makes incredible fashion choices many don’t consider and pull off the same way he does. From elegant and chic to bold and avant-garde, he does everything. He’s not afraid to go outside his comfort zone when talking style which makes him stand out dramatically.

ic: Exo Kai appearing in Gimpo Airport on 02/07/18, Source: Unknown

Monochrome outfits are an easy demonstration of how minimalism is killing the competition. It’s so simple anyone can do it as long as you’re pairing your pieces well together.

In this airport fashion, his shades pair well with his bag, hair colour and shoes, and his shirt keep the aesthetic casual. But it’s the little features he implements that go the extra mile to add sophisticated details that make the minimalism elegant.

ic: Exo Kai captivating fans with this look in Incheon International Airport in September 2019. Source: Unknown

Be cosy, just like the student vibe Kai is showing above. He wears pieces with little details to make a runway for a neatly put-together outfit. The garments fit him comfortably so it doesn’t look like he’s trying too hard. So consider leaning towards the loose fit of the spectrum rather than slim fit to get the same aesthetic.

And don’t forget that a simple pair of glasses can elevate your outfit, this whole look itself by Kai is a statement that he can dress.

ic: Exo Kai at in Incheon International Airport wearing a dandy aesthetic from Gucci's 2019 Pre-fall Collection on 27/05/19, Source: Unknown

Colour blocking and accessorizing goes a long way. The velvet backpack matching with the loafers makes this style come off clean. He breaks the rules of formality by wearing loathers to give off the pyjama vibe. Anyone would wish they could wake up and get out of bed looking this good.

ic: Exo Kai seen wearing Gucci's 'COTTON CANVAS WINDBREAKER WITH GUCCI LABEL' for the short film in collaboration with GQ and Vogue, Source: Gucci

Not just his creativity with fashion, but his mindset is admirable. It’s not surprising Gucci wanted him after seeing what he can do. He can pick up something simple or loud, and take it up a notch tastefully.

It was reported that Exo Kai has no fashion icon he looks up to, but he simply approaches fashion by wearing what he likes. I’m not saying don’t take inspiration from others, but have the same mindset by being different! If you are interested in similar items of clothing as described above, please scroll down the to 'Related Products' section of this article, or take a look at our product catalog.

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