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Fairytale Fashion in aespa’s “Dreams Come True” Music Video

Has aespa ever let us down? Never! In their recent hit, “Dreams Come True,” the women of this powerhouse group show us amazing street style and unique combinations that left us thinking they had a visit from the Fairy Godmother! Check out these incredible looks to see what you can come up with from your own closet.


ic: Karina in a dress from Skoot. Featured in aespa’s “Dreams Come True” music video. 

Karina is a stunner in her Death-Match dress from Skoot. This mini-dress features white graphics and a high neck. Karina customizes the dress by cutting a slit on the side (a smart move for dancing, as this was originally a bodycon dress). By pairing black shorts, the modification is not as noticeable but worth noting! Don’t be afraid to make adjustments to your clothing that fit your needs. Over her dress, she wears a white fish-net corset. Thick metal silver chain necklaces, earrings, and bracelets pop out from the black. Of course, her thigh-high lilac boots are incredible and make this an iconic look.


ic: Karina wearing a delicate silver headband. Featured in aespa’s “Dreams Come True” music video. 

What a dream come true! Karina’s glow is absolutely breathtaking in this dress. To replicate it, start with a shimmering colored mini-dress with a sleeveless design. Next, pair a sheer mesh blouse over top (or for the best customization, sew a single mesh sleeve onto the dress). Then, pair some black knee-high boots. For accessories, wear a silver headband, dainty earrings, and a thick metal choker.



ic: Ningning in a Ku0 skirt. Featured in aespa’s “Dreams Come True” music video. 

Ningning spares no expense in this ensemble–the complexities of her accessories, patterns, and textures make this look incredible! She starts with a bedazzled black long-sleeved shirt. She layers over a corset crop-top, with a white garlic pattern (if you look closely, it’s not flowers!). Ningning’s purple check kangkang skirt is from Ku0. This pop of color balances out the black and white. She adds several chains to the skirt to enhance the look. We especially love her choice of jewelry. From a rainbow gummy bear bracelet to a short beaded multicolor necklace, Ningning adds these playful touches that give the look a cheerful tone. Of course, she also adds some silver-toned bracelets and a necklace to bring out the bedazzled top. This fit is just a perfect balance and we love it!


ic: Ningning in joggers from L.e.e.y. Featured in aespa’s “Dreams Come True” music video.

We love this casual look from Ningning. Her white joggers are from L.e.e.y and she adds a custom red band to make them pop! This is an excellent styling example–feel free to copy this by wearing shorts underneath some sweatpants or by sewing on this additional waistband. Besides that, with a white crop top and custom added sleeves, she is unstoppable. Look at those white heeled boots, too! Don’t forget that this nearly monochromatic look is advanced with shiny metal chain necklaces.



ic: Giselle in Air Jordans. Featured in aespa’s “Dreams Come True” music video. 

Giselle wears a white crop top from Skoot with black graphics. She pairs a black cropped cutout hoodie with neon green detailing, and we love the look this piece gives outfits. It pairs perfectly with her green flamed black skirt. For shoes, she rocks a pair of Air Jordan 1s with the OG twist. We love how this fit is sporty and chic. Don’t forget to add a silver beaded necklace and plenty of rings!


ic: Giselle wears a diamond necklace. Featured in aespa’s “Dreams Come True” music video. 

Lovely Giselle rocks this fluffy, multi-colored leopard print jacket. However, we want to focus on all these incredible jewels that she wears to bring the look to life. A jacket of this caliber requires diamonds! And just look at her incredible jeweled choker with ascending strands of sparkling gems! What a statement! Sometimes the best thing to do is go big with jewelry, and when you do it can totally pay off! She keeps her earrings small and dainty to maintain focus on her neck. Additionally, Giselle sports several rings with various colors and styles.



ic: Winter in a Skoot top. Featured in aespa’s “Dreams Come True” music video.

Winter looks fiery in her Sunday Skool top from Skoot. We love the patches of material used in this long-sleeve crop top and the one-of-a-kind vibe it brings. Winter wears high-waisted baggy ripped jeans to add shape. Her Air Jordan sneakers in black and white add to the casual look. To keep the vibe rugged, she wears a thick chain necklace. Don’t forget to add some silver earrings to add an additional pop of shine.


ic: Winter in white gloves. Featured in aespa’s “Dreams Come True” music video.

This fit is so unique. Winter sports a mesh black top with silver lettering and then layers a cream corset over the top with front fastening which creates a look that will have all eyes on you! Something we really want to highlight in this fit is Winter’s incredible accessories. When was the last time you tried wearing long gloves with your outfit? Here, Winter shows us a twist on a classy style. She wears “tattooed” white sleeved gloves. She adds two pearl necklaces and a pearl bow ring. Her earrings are large pearls with a diamond exterior and a white enamel pendant dangling down. She also includes a short metal chain necklace for some punk vibes. Don’t be afraid to mix typical styles and create something beautifully unique!


Aespa has proven their amazing sense of style and standout looks time and time again. Try out some of these fashion choices for your own Cinderella moment (and don’t worry, no pumpkins at midnight in these looks!).


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