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Finding Fashion Confidence with 'True Beauty' K-Drama

K-Drama 'True Beauty' stole so many hearts with its relatability, loveable characters, and theme of self-love. Jugyeong was able to find her confidence through make-up, and we are hoping to give you some confidence through style! Although it truly is the heart of a person that matters, fashion can help you feel comfortable in your own skin and own a room full of bullies when needed. Here are our favorite iconic looks from the main characters of True Beauty.


ic: Seojun in Air Force 1 sneakers. Featured in the K-drama, True Beauty. 

Seojun rocks streetwear. On the exterior, he seems like a tough guy, but viewers know his soft heart. He wore this fit in the scene where he asked Jugyeong to tie his shoe twice! We love that this show displayed the tender side of Seojun, even though he tries to keep it hidden. He wears a gray Dominant slogan jacket, and layers over a light tan jacket. For a casual look, he wears a loose white t-shirt and black sweatpants. For shoes, Seojun wears a pair of black Air Force 1 sneakers from Nike. He keeps his jewelry simple, with a chain necklace and two silver earrings.


ic: Seojun in a turtleneck sweater from DUNST. Featured in the K-drama, True Beauty.

Seojun is the master of casual cool and he looks great in this ensemble. He starts his look with a loose grey turtleneck sweater from DUNST. He layers a reversible bomber jacket from INSTANTFUNK over top. This denim jacket has an open collar design and elastic finishing at the hem. For a pop of metallic, he wears a delicate gold chain necklace. Seojun wears fitted grey trousers, white socks, and a pair of white kicks. This outfit is definitely softer than his usual dark appearance and we love it! 



ic: Suho in a Thom Browne hoodie. Featured in the K-drama, True Beauty.

In one of his most easily identifiable fits, Suho rocks this layered look. He starts with a white t-shirt, which he tucks into blue jeans. He layers over a white button-up from AMI Paris. His classic navy hoodie is from Thom Browne, featuring a 4-bar stripe detail and front logo patch. For shoes, Suho wears a pair of white lace-up trainers from Golden Goose. This was a perfect outfit to rescue someone (and carry them down seven flights of stairs) in. With a comfortable and casual vibe, Suho’s look saves the day. 


ic:Suho in a navy hat from IDEA. Featured in the K-drama, True Beauty.

Rescuing her once again, Suho looks great in this ensemble. He starts with a white button-up, which he layers a grey Prada jumper over. This features a crew neck and ribbed detailing. For extra warmth, he wears a beige Burberry trench coat. His sneakers are from Golden Goose. Perhaps most identifiable from this look is his navy Collier hat from IDEA. This fit could have easily been styled up or down, but with the choice of footwear and the hat, it gave the look a casual vibe. 



ic: Jugyeong in a margarin fingers one-piece dress. Featured in the K-drama, True Beauty.

Looking absolutely radiant for her first date, it’s no wonder Suho followed her. This fit is dazzling on Jugyeong. She wears a berry button one-piece pink dress from margarin fingers over a long-sleeve white button-up. She wears matching white pumps to pull the look together. Jugyeong’s purse is a Naomi Mini Crossbody Bag from JOY GRYSON, and features real leather and a custom gold chain strap. Her crystal dangle earrings are from Swarovski. This ensemble displays her sweet side and we hate that she got paired with such a jerk while wearing such an amazing outfit! <


ic: Jugyeong in a jacket from Miu Miu. Featured in the K-drama, True Beauty.

Looking like a true beauty, Jugyeong beamed at her sister’s wedding. Her incredible double-breasted tweed jacket is from Miu Miu. This features a boxy fit, sophisticated bouclé texture, and bow detailing. She pairs this with a matching skirt and black tights. Echoing back to the swan necklace given to her from Suho, she wears pink and rose gold toned swan earrings from Swarovski. How romantic and perfect for a wedding! She finishes the look with black boots. 



ic: Sujin in a jacket from LOOKAST. Featured in the K-drama, True Beauty

Acting as Miss-Steal-Your-Man, Sujin upped her style when paying Suho a visit. She wore a Gingham check wool jacket and skirt from LOOKAST. This straight-fit jacket has notched lapels, a single button front, and buttoned cuffs. Underneath the jacket, Sujin wears a white turtleneck with an embroidered logo in front. Her gold dangle earrings are the perfect touch to not overwhelm the look. Sujin brought her Mago satchel bag from JOY GRYSON which features a rectangular silhouette and gold detailing. Though we didn’t appreciate this power move, we do love the fit.



ic:Heegyeong in a blazer. Featured in the K-drama, True Beauty.

We loved Heegyeong’s boss attitude. Her go-getter nature made her character so fun to watch and cheer for! Often in business dress, this woman knows how to rock a blazer. Here she wears a brown blazer with matching slacks. She keeps her shirt a neutral white while adding a pop of color from her blue scarf. This is an important touch. Although the outfit would have looked fine with earth tones, this added element of color does wonders. Heegyeong wears gold earrings with a dangling pearl to bring added warmth to the fit. When dressing professionally, it doesn’t have to be boring! Just like Heegeyong’s personality, we hope you walk into any office with confidence. 


Being true to yourself is not always easy. And finding your own style can be hard at times too. We hope that you’re able to not only feel comfortable in your own skin but to also find clothing that reflects your amazing self! 


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