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(G)I-DLE Dress to Impress in “HWAA”

We are not over “HWAA” and neither should you be! (G)I-DLE put us in our place with this unique melody and powerful lyricism. There’s a reason this song has been kept in rotation on K-Pop playlists and the music video only furthers the command of this K-Pop powerhouse! Here are some of our favorite looks from the music video.


ic: Minnie in a Giuseppe Di Morabito dress. Featured in (G)I-DLE’s music video, “HWAA.”

Minnie rocks this colorful sequined-embellished wrap dress. Giuseppe Di Morabito created a V-neck cut with balloon sleeves, fitted cuffs, and a high waist. This all-over floral print with pink, green, and blue is perfect for a soiree or night dancing. Minnie adds even more shape to the fit by using a wide black belt with multiple fastening. To mix up the color pallet, she wears multi-colored earrings. Playing with colors can really pay off and it surely did in this case! Add some heels to kick off the look.


ic: Minnie in a Simone Rocha dress. Featured in (G)I-DLE’s music video, “HWAA.”

Minnie looked hardcore in this Simone Rocha black dress. The dress is asymmetric, tiered, and has billowing puff-sleeved. The floral pattern with a stenciled print and tulle panels is stunning. Minnie adds a schoolgirl touch with her braids and bow ring. She keeps with the theme and wears a chunky gold necklace and small blue earrings for a pop of color. Although you can always rock a monochromatic look, adding a touch of metallic can really enhance a fit.



ic: Soyeon in a Simone Rocha dress. Featured in (G)I-DLE’s music video, “HWAA.”

Like an ice queen, Soyeon steals the winter scene in this bold off-the-shoulder cloque dress from Simone Rocha. With textured detail and a ruffled neckline, her blue dress is sure to gain attention. We love how, although the dress isn't form-fitting, it doesn't swallow Soyeon and rather brings her to life! Having the sleeves off the shoulder allows shape. For jewelry, she keeps it chic with gold dangling earrings that end with a single pearl.



ic: Soojin wears a floral Richard Quinn dress. Featured in (G)I-DLE’s music video, “HWAA.”

We adore this Richard Quinn dress! With a floral print and puffed sleeves, Soojin is stunning in this fit! The semi-sheer construction at the neck is amazing, as well as the fitted silhouette and ruched detailing. Soojin chose the perfect earrings, each with a large dangling pearl.  Don’t forget her green velvet headband to give this look a high-class touch. Add some boots and you’re ready to go!


ic: Soojin in a Dolce & Gabbana dress. Featured in (G)I-DLE’s music video, “HWAA.”

Soojin was gorgeous in her Dolce & Gabbana bubble gum pink silk dress! This layered chiffon tea dress has a contrasted pipe trim, round neck, sheer construction, and scalloped lace hem. We love the touch of a belted waist and how flowy this dress is. It was a perfect daydream on Soojin and was a lovely look for a quick swing in the jungle. 



ic: Miyeon in a floral Giuseppe Di Morabito mini dress. Featured in (G)I-DLE’s music video, “HWAA.”

Miyeon is charming in her floral print dress from Giuseppe Di Morabito. This puffed mini dress has a square neck and long sleeves with a ribbon band design and fitted silhouette. She adds a matching hair bow. Her dangling red and gold earrings give a pop of color without deterring from the dress patterns. Add heels or black boots to complete the look.


ic: Miyeon in a RED Valentino dress. Featured in (G)I-DLE’s music video, “HWAA.”

This RED Valentino dress was made for Miyeon! The white tulle is covered in jungle embroidered detailing—with tigers and red tropical flowers. The round neck, point d’esprit mesh, and layered design add a unique flair to the fit. We love the touch of the black waist, as it makes the colors in the dress pop. Miyeon chooses to wear large golden pearl flower earrings, which is the perfect color choice for this ensemble.



ic: Shuhua in a two-piece set from Bambah. Featured in (G)I-DLE’s music video, “HWAA.”

Yes, queen! This two-piece from Bambah is to die for. In her Seville crop top, Shuhua commands the room. The v-neck, straight hem, and 3D floral design give her a pop. Paired with a matching Sevilla mid-length ruffled skirt, Shuhua is unstoppable. Add a metallic necklace and black boots and the world is your oyster!



ic: Yuqi in a ruffled dress from Bambah. Featured in (G)I-DLE’s music video, “HWAA.”

Yuqi looks delicate in her ruffled rose dress from Bambah. This sleeveless design adds a dainty touch to the fit. With soft cascades of red roses, this dress is simply divine on Yuqi. Her black heels are a perfect choice. For jewelry, she adds a metallic bow tie necklace and we love how it keeps up with the soft ensemble. And don't forget that navy blue umbrella!


ic: Yuqi in a stunning Alexis mini dress. Featured in (G)I-DLE’s music video, “HWAA.”

We had to mention one of these red looks! Yuqi, and the other women, kill this color! Her particular mini dress is from Alexis. It has a ruffled tulle, halter strap, and a backless design. The tiered ruffle panels make this dress an authentic standout. Along with this, Yuqi adds dainty gold earrings. The red booties with metallic fringe make the look off the charts! This would be perfect for a cocktail party or a night on the town.


(G)I-DLE stunned in this music video. Their incredible dress variety shows the vast array of styles out there! From form-fitting florals to ruffles, these women show us how to rock them all. If you haven’t experimented with some of these patterns or shapes—go for it! We’ll be cheering you on.


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