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Heart-Stealing Style from TWICE’s “The Feels” Music Video

TWICE bounced right back into the spotlight with their showstopping single, “The Feels.” Not only is it their first full English single, but it kick started their latest full-length album. Here are the best looks from the music video.


ic: Chaeyoung in a RED Valentino set. Featured in TWICE’s “The Feels” Music Video.

Chaeyoung is perfectly prep in this fit! She wears a Vivienne Westwood white t-shirt, and a wide fitted leather belt around her midsection. Her argyle-check cardigan and mini-skirt are from RED Valentino. For shoes, she sports chunky platform ankle boots from DOLLS KILL. Chaeyoung has a particularly good choice in jewelry, as she wears several silver toned rings as well as layering necklaces. These small touches make a big difference! 



ic: Jihyo in a Coperni pleated dress. Featured in TWICE’s “The Feels” Music Video.

We love this layered look from Jihyo. She starts with a black, buckled pleat dress from Coperni. The square neck with buckle fastening is prime. Over top, she layers a long-sleeve blue plaid shirt. Underneath the dress, she adds crisscross fishnet tights from Mark My Words. Jihyo finishes the look with DOLLS KILL knee high boots, which are perfect for dancing. For accessories, she chose a long silver chain necklace and added some custom bottoms to her shirt for an extra pop of customization. 



ic: Tzuyu in FENDI tights. Featured in TWICE’s “The Feels” Music Video.

This look on Tzuyu is a great reminder that layering can take an outfit from good to great. Here, she starts with a long-sleeve white polo shirt and a black mini-skirt. Over top, she layers a N°21 striped, knitted sweater. For a pop of metallic, she adds a silver brooch from Vivienne Westwood. Her stand-out logo tights are from FENDI. For jewelry, she keeps to silver tones in both her earrings and a large jeweled ring. 



ic: Dahyun in DOLLS KILL tights. Featured in TWICE’s “The Feels” Music Video.

Dahyun looks so lovely in this outfit. Her schoolgirl look is a mix of delicate and grunge. She wears a black cardigan over a long-sleeve white polo. Like Jihyo, she adds some buttons, which give a fun pop to the look. Her amazing heart bow check-pattern miniskirt is from AREA. Her unique cut-out suspender tights are from DOLLS KILL and add a touch of punk. She adds black boots to finish the look. 



ic:Mina in an Acne Studios sweater. Featured in TWICE’s “The Feels” Music Video.

This fit on Mina would make any heart pound. She wears a blue plaid dress, topped with a lace-up cropped wool sweater from Acne Studios. This sweater is especially fashionable because it has contrasting laces winding up its sleeves to the mock neck. Her mid-calf socks are from Thom Browne. For accessories, she continues the button trend but also adds a golden Saint Laurent logo broach. 



ic: Jeongyeon in a Vivienne Westwood jacket. Featured in TWICE’s “The Feels” Music Video.

Let’s talk about the beret! Sporting the only hat in this lineup, Jeongyeon chose the perfect style to accompany her masterpiece of an outfit. This burgundy beret does just that: it brings a pop of warmth and breaks up the duller tones. She layers a Lou Lou Spencer jacket from Vivienne Westwood over a white t-shirt. Jeongyeon chooses to mix patterns by adding a tartan mini-skirt. She continues to mix it up with striped socks. As risky as it is, Jeongyeon’s choice definitely paid off. This fit is phenomenal! 



ic: Sana in a Chopova Lowena skirt. Featured in TWICE’s “The Feels” Music Video.

Sana looks amazing in this ensemble. She starts with a cropped long-sleeve polo which she layers a mini vest over. The striped tie is the perfect touch. Staying on trend, she adds some buttons to her vest. This checked mini-skirt is from Chopova Lowena and the colors complement her blue vest perfectly. Notice how she balances the patterns, nothing is too overwhelming with this fit but it is still extremely expressive. 



ic: Momo in a Dsquared2 dress. Featured in TWICE’s “The Feels” Music Video.

Momo is a stunner in this check print dress from Dsquared2. Over this, she slings a black sash with buttons. She almost looks like a girl scout, and we love the sweet look. Using a similar pattern to the dress, she wears custom sleeves. Momo adds black boots to finish the ensemble. 



ic: Nayeon in a Vivienne Westood tartan corset top. Featured in TWICE’s “The Feels” Music Video.

Nayeon sports an amazing Vivienne Westwood tartan set. She layers a corset top with patchwork construction over a white tee. Her mini skirt looks great with her one garter stocking, a bold fashion move. Black platform boots from DOLLS KILL make the fit come together. For accessories, she wears a pair of black gloves, hair clips, a pearl necklace, and tiny silver hoop earrings. 


We got all the feels during this music video. Make sure to make your own waves with looks that bring your emotions to life! 


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