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Hot Looks from ENHYPEN’s “FEVER”

Formed from the show I-LAND, members of ENHYPEN have countless fans around the world who have been cheering for their success. Their latest single, “FEVER”, has proven their talent. We love how they worked so hard to reach their goals and seeing them succeed is a thrill. Of course, we knew they’d be safe in the hands of HYBE LABELS. In the same gang as BTS and TXT, there was no doubt that ENHYPEN would follow in those successful footsteps. The looks from this music video are absolutely lit. Check out some of our favorite styles. 


ic: Heeseung in a BALENCIAGA track jacket. Featured in ENHYPEN’s Music Video, “FEVER.”

With Heeseung’s jet black hair, this BALENCIAGA neon track jacket simply glows. He wears Louis Vuitton earrings in the shape of a starfish, which bring a pop of summer metallic. To keep everything in balance, Heeseung pairs a white t-shirt from MARINE SERRE. Notice how he styles his black leather pants: Heeseung half tucks in his shirt, keeping the edges loose. This brings a focus to his waist, where a black belt rests. Adding metal chains adds interest and elevates the look. He also includes a silver chain necklace, which balances this out. 



ic: Sunoo in an all-white outfit. Featured in ENHYPEN’s Music Video, “FEVER.”

Looking like an angel, Sunoo shows us that a monochromatic look is not only possible but totally stylish. He wears a white button-up, with a few buttons undone to reveal his ivory undershirt. Notice the loose fit of the button-up. This adds variety to the outfit by providing a difference in shape, in comparison to his fitted white trousers. This is an important element when dressing in one color, finding some sort of variety to keep the fit from being drab. Sunoo nailed it! He wraps up the looks with white kicks and matching socks. Something else of note is the subtle jewelry. He wears a dainty, golden earring, which maintains the purity of the outfit. 



ic: Jay in a BALENCIAGA yellow t-shirt. Featured in ENHYPEN’s Music Video, “FEVER.”

For a foundation, Jay wears a white VETEMENTS gothic logo print poplin collared shirt. Layering can be tricky when creating the right combination. However, Jay hits the spot as he chooses a large BALENCIAGA t-shirt in bright yellow. He adds a pop of silver with his chunky chain necklace. Jay also has some metallic edge with his logo belt from VETEMENTS. His blue Louis Vuitton initial earrings give a great color pairing to his bright shirt. His unique bracelets add just the right amount of flair. 



ic: Jake in ripped black jeans. Featured in ENHYPEN’s Music Video, “FEVER.”

Jake shows us how important just one pop of color can be. Here he chose orange, but in reality, nearly any other color would look great with this fit. Pay attention to how you can recreate Jake’s look! He wears ripped black jeans and black boots. He chose a black undershirt, which he layered under a bright orange zip-up with a high neck. Over this, he wears a black button-up. Something that stands out here is the variety of layering--a zippered shirt under a button-up is a unique style and it works wonders! Don’t be afraid to play around with your own clothing to create cool pairings like this. For jewelry, Jake wears a single chunky silver ring on each finger. 



ic: Jungwon in a MARINE SERRE long sleeve shirt. Featured in ENHYPEN’s Music Video, “FEVER.”

Bright colors are a great choice for summer, and ENHYPEN is riding the trend. Jungwon wears a bright orange shirt from Louis Vuitton, which he layers over a moon patterned white long sleeve from MARINE SERRE. ENHYPEN is really showing us the power of layering! You likely have some pieces in your own closet that you can easily combine. Try pairing a few of them and see what you come up with. Jungwon adds a silver chain necklace, along with metal chains to his leather pants. He finishes the look with black boots.  



ic: Niki in a white polo. Featured in ENHYPEN’s Music Video, “FEVER.”

Niki was an absolute stunner in this music video! This simple, yet impressive, fit looked great on him. He layers a long sleeve white polo over a white undershirt. Over this, he wears a tan jacket. This color choice keeps the outfit soft toned and helps add to the angelic vibe. He tucks his shirt into long white trousers. Like Sunoo, he also keeps his jewelry minimal. With small gold stud earrings and a single golden ring, he allows for a holistic focus on his entire outfit rather than a statement piece. 



Sunghoon in leather pants. Featured in ENHYPEN’s Music Video, “FEVER.”

Sunghoon looks as smooth as ice in this fit. He wears a black, high-necked shirt under an unbuttoned orange long sleeve polo. He tucks this into black leather pants. For jewelry, he wears several black rings and one silver pendant necklace. This look may seem simple but it required a lot of intentionality in its creation. These small details, from the different collared shirts to the three black rings, add up to the perfect outfit. When making your fits, notice what type of accessories would add or detract from your style. Take note of good combinations and textures, and of course, don’t be afraid to try something new! 


These black and neon fits are so fresh and easy to recreate! ENHYPEN also showed us how to do monochromatic right. We hope this inspired you to make your own fever-inducing looks. 


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