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How to Boss Streetwear Like Park Saeroyi of ‘Itaewon Class’

Itaewon Class is a compelling drama filled with ambition, tragedy, and revenge. The main character, Park Saeroyi is not only a protagonist to admire, but one whose fashion sense we want to replicate! With the setting in Itaewon (a place popping with clubs and restaurants), Saeroyi’s street smart appeal made him one of its main attractions. Here’s some of our favorite looks from the show. The best part is, many of these outfits require the same pieces and are easy to acquire!


ic: Park Seo Jun as Park Saeyori sporting a UUN.J 19FW Black Reversible MA-1 Lettering Jumper. Featured in Itaewon Class.

This is the perfect on-the-go attire for our protagonist. Whether he is running a street bar or actually running, he looks cool under pressure in this UUN.J 19FW Black Reversible MA-1 Lettering Jumper. Underneath is a black hoodie and white t-shirt. For his bottoms, Park Saeroyi sprints away in black cargo pants as well as dark combat boots. Although it might be hard to get your hands on this exact reversible jacket, you can easily recreate the piece with a black polyester jumper of your own.


ic: Park Seo Jun as Park Saeyori in a Rof Simons Denim Jacket and navy hoodie.

This is one of Itaewon Class’ most iconic looks! Our leader of the pack rocks a Rof Simons Big Fur Jacket as he struts down the streets of Itaewon with his crew. This denim jacket makes a statement over the back drop of his navy and dark grey attire. Underneath the Rof Simons, he wears a plain navy hoodie and white t-shirt. His bottoms are dark denim cargo jogger pants paired with his usual combat boots. To make this look your own, snag a faded denim jacket and layer it over a dark hoodie. To be more precise, buy an iron on black patch and add it above the left jacket pocket.


ic: Park Seo Jun as Park Saeyori in a Yeezy Sweatshirt and Timberland combat boots. Featured in Itaewon Class.

Saeroyi sports this layered look with a white t-shirt topped with a Yeezy Season 3 Crew Neck Sweatshirt. These loose fitting neutral tones make him seem calm and collected, which we know he always is! His cargo pants are lightly patterned with a crushed effect. If you are unable to find this texture, it could be copied with a dark camouflage or kept to a solid dark grey. These pants are tucked into his light grey Timberland combat boots, which pair perfectly for this nearly monochromatic look.


ic: Park Seo Jun as Park Saeyori sporting a L-2B bomber jacket and Yeezy Boosts combat boots. Featured in Itaewon Class.

If you think you can mess with Park Saeroyi’s employees, you need to think again. The street bar manager said, “Not today!” when he rolled up to a fight in his L-2B bomber jacket. With this army green bomber layered over a grey hoodie, Park Saeroyi means business. Paired with his usual black cargo pants and black combat boots, he packs a punch and we are here for it! He sports Yeezy Boosts Season 4 Combat Boots in the Oil (dark brown) colorway. Similar to previous pieces, to make this look for yourself, keep the bottom layers black and top with a dark green bomber jacket.


ic: Park Seo Jun as Park Saeyori in a suede jacket from ACNE STUDIOS, turtle neck, and black trousers. Featured in Itaewon Class.

Though the owner of DanBam experiences highs and lows in his life, Park Saeroyi’s fashion sense is always on the up and up! In this outfit, he stays true to himself by wearing dark tones, complemented by a soft colored jacket. Here, he sports a Faux Leather and Cotton Corduroy-Trimmed Suede Bomber Jacket from ACNE STUDIOS. This neutral tone helps to soften the all black outfit, comprised of a turtle neck fitted shirt tucked into black trousers and pulled together with a black belt. He accompanies the look with black kicks (which may seem like an odd pairing, but our man pulls it off!) When recreating the look, just make sure to keep the bottom layers black and accompany with a neutral toned jacket.


ic: Park Seo Jun as Park Saeyori wearing Dunhill’s Black Technical Rain Mac. Featured in Itaewon Class.

DanBam’s boss is looking like a boss in this fresh attire! While walking into the corporate building, Saeroyi wears a Black Technical Rain Mac from Dunhill. This fabric is water resistant, which is great because we totally shed some tears during this series. For a sharp edge, he wears a ribbed trout-colored turtle neck and black dress slacks. Also, notice the black kicks! Our leader is always ready for action. Make sure to add some black rimmed sunglasses to top off the look and intimidate the competition (aka Jangga Company)!


ic: Park Seo Jun as Park Saeyori wearing Louis Vuitton Staples Edition Double Breasted Tailored Coat. Featured in Itaewon Class.

Park Saeroyi commands a room in this Louis Vuitton Staples Edition Double Breasted Tailored Coat. Although this dressed up look is out of his norm, he still keeps his own style. He layers a white turtleneck under an unbuttoned cream collared dress shirt. Saeroyi accompanies the outfit with black slacks and black Oxford dress shoes.  This look is perfect for a dinner date or rocking any business errand.


ic: Park Seo Jun as Park Saeyori wearing Bottega Veneta’s nylon trench coat. Featured in Itaewon Class.

In one of the most memorial scenes from the show, Park Saeroyi is sporting a trench coat from Bottega Veneta for his evening out with Yi-seo. As per usual, he is wearing a black foundation comprised of a tucked in dress shirt with slacks and a black belt to tie it together. Instead of kicks, Saeroyi wears black dress shoes to keep the look clean cut. For your own night out, pull out a nylon trench coat in a light brown shade and layer over dark dress attire.

We love how simple, yet sophisticated, Park Saeroyi can be. He proves that so many looks can be made from the same staple pieces. Though he has similar attributes in many of his outfits, each is unique and custom to who he is. We hope you rock some Itaewon looks and have a sweet night!


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