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How TWICE’s “Kura Kura” Outfits Had Our Heads Spinning

It was about time TWICE gave us some new music to play on repeat, and their new song “Kura Kura” is putting an end to the waiting. The famous K-pop girl group dropped their 8th Japanese single title track about a week ago, and the melody of disco meets contemporary is not getting out of our heads any time soon. But TWICE didn’t just stop with a catchy song, the “Kura Kura” MV is full of beautiful outfits featuring an array of cute two pieces and dresses, perfect for us to take some fashion inspiration from and spice up our wardrobes just in time for spring! We all know TWICE’s fashion choices never disappoint, and “Kura Kura” is no exception.


Dahyun’s blue colorful opener

ic: Dahyun wearing all the colorful outfit in Kura Kura MV

The MV is only a few seconds in and Dahyun is already serving some major looks with this stunning colorful outfit. We love how the blue of the interestingly cut top compliments the reds, yellows, and oranges on her skirt – spring is the time to experiment with bright colors, and Dahyun showed us a perfect example of how to color coordinate. The scallop edge of the white peeking underneath the blue top is adding even more interest to the outfit. Loud patterns are also a great way to add some spice to your fit, just like Dahyun did with her skirt here. For accessories, she opted for these big blue circle earrings that match with the other blues she’s wearing, and she made sure the earrings were visible by clipping one side of her hair with this cute sparkly hair clip.


Nayeon’s stunning puffy sleeves

ic: Nayeon wearing puffy sleeves featured in Kura Kura MV

People on the Internet can’t get over how beautiful Nayeon’s outfit for the dancing parts of the MV is, and we couldn’t agree more. Blue’s and patterns seem to be the theme of TWICE’s fashion in “Kura Kura”. Nayeon’s pants are literally the mix of every currently trending bottoms style – they are subtly flared, very high-rise, and the popular criss-cross detail on her belly is bringing attention to her waist, while also making it look even more cinched in. Plus, the flare and the high waist are making her legs look longer. The classic black bandeau tones down the pants, but the real stars of the show are the gorgeous light blue puffy sleeves she’s rocking - they really brought the outfit to the next level.


Jihyo’s spring look

ic: Jihyo wearing her spring look featured in Kura Kura MV

This outfit is basically the spring/summer 2021 fashion guide, so start taking some notes. The pastel yellow bottoms go absolutely beautifully with the pastel blue vest Jihyo wore over the timeless white short-sleeved button-up shirt. Vests on button-ups are all the rage right now, and we are living for Jihyo’s spin on that trend. The shirt is cropped and showing just enough skin, while the slight puff on the shoulders added some structure to the overall gentle feel of the rest of the pieces. We all know how good ponytails look on Jihyoo, and you can never go wrong with some simple gold hoops and light natural makeup.


Sana’s floral dress

ic: Sana wearing a chunky knit cardigan in Kura Kura MV

We can’t overlook this alluring girly fit Sana wore in the MV. A nice floral dress is a timeless staple in everyone’s warm weather closet, and throwing a big chunky cardigan over it is both practical for chilly summer nights and looks absolutely lovely. Wearing the cardigan slightly off the shoulders is a great way to look even more fashionable. Sneakers on dresses is a well-tested recipe for added casualness, and white Converse are just the right ingredient. Finally, Sana’s flower-shaped earrings are the ultimate cherry on top.


Gorgeous dress on Dahyun

ic: Dahyun’s ethereal outfit in Kura Kura MV

Can we talk about how captivating and ethereal Dahyun looks in this frilly, ruffly number? The sheer fabric, the pastel colors melting together, the higher rise neckline, and wide sleeves cinching on her wrists – we’re lost for words. With such a beautiful dress no other pieces of clothing are needed, but some pretty dainty earrings and complementary rosy makeup are always welcome.


Nayeon’s pure look

ic: Nayeon wearing the white dress featured in Kura Kura MV

While on the topic of captivating, Nayeon is surely not falling behind. This whole look is so pretty and calming to look at. The white strappy dress is simple, well-structured on the top, and flowy on the bottom – making for a comfortable and easy way to accentuate your figure and waist. We have another example of the dress+cardigan combo here, this time featuring a stunning sheer baby-blue piece with some white buttons on the front. The delicate pendant necklace complements the outfit perfectly, and the shoulder-length hair just hits different.


Mina in vintage blue

ic: Mina sporting a vintage blue patterned fit in Kura Kura MV

Mina is known for great fashion, and that stands true no matter which decade’s style she’s wearing. The whole MV is inspired by vintage fashion, and Mina matched the theme perfectly with this classy light-blue polka-dot dress. The deep V neckline with a big rounded color embellished with lace on the edges looks absolutely marvelous on her. Again, we have the structured shoulders and the cuffed sleeves, a definite sign you should try and incorporate those elements in your own outfits.


Momo’s classy red

ic: Momo wearing all red featured in Kura Kura MV

Here’s how Momo rocked the “vintage” vibe in this ravishing red long-sleeved dress. This look is a monochrome red outfit galore – Momo rocks the fit in red high heels, and red lipstick when anything else in your outfit is red is always a great idea. The dress is classy but also sexy with the deep V neckline and the slit in the front which showcased Momo’s legs. And how about body jewelry? We love this gold chain around her neck and chest. Also, a low bun hairstyle with a pretty dress – yes, please!


Jihyo in her navy set

ic: Jihyo wearing navy set featured in Kura Kura MV

Let’s just take a second and appreciate how stunning Jihyo looks in this navy set! She paired it with this pretty striped peplum dark top and some leather knee-high boots… a serious head-turner.


Tzuyu’s ruffles

ic: Tzuyu dons a deep blue ruffle set featured in Kura Kura MV

Tzuyu’s royal blue ruffle set she danced in the MV is quite a statement. Both the blouse and the skirt are quite wide and flowy, but they didn’t swallow her figure. Some skin is peeking through the cuts on her shoulders, and the big excess fabric front piece around her neck brings out the regal vibe of the outfit. We are living for the square earring with blue gemstone she added as a finishing touch, and the half slicked back hairstyle looks amazing on Tzuyu.


Jeongyeon is back

ic: Jeongyeon wearing the red checkered two piece featured in Kura Kura MV

“Kura Kura” marks the highly-anticipated return of Jeongyeon to the public scene. Her checkered two-piece set is absolutely stunning and screaming “old-school glam”! Two-piece sets are such an easy way to look put together without having to give much thought to matching and styling your outfits – and who doesn’t like to look stylish with little effort? Checkered sets have been around for decades and they aren’t leaving any time soon, so investing in a co-ord like Jeongyeon’s is a great long-term fashion choice. Big oval gold earring and the high bun with her bangs nicely styled in the front completed this effortlessly posh look.

Chaeyoung and her buns

ic: Chaeyoung layering tops featured in Kura Kura MV

“Sadly, we didn’t see many outfits from Chaeyoung this time – in the car scene we only see her fit from the chest up, and her around the table fit is teased for a few seconds only, without really showing what she’s wearing from the waist down. Still, her layering the pretty dark red crop top over the checkered long sleeve shirt is surely worth a mention – this type of layering was very popular last year and seems like it’ll make a comeback this year too. Also, notice how many different types of up-dos TWICE showed us in “Kura Kura”, and Chaeyoung’s unusual hairdo is perfect for keeping cool while looking fire this summer.

We are always excited to see what TWICE’s stylists have in store for us - the girls are always looking flawless from head to toe, makeup and hair included. TWICE’s fashion is cute, girly, and sophisticated, but also comfy and up with the current trends. Even if the girly and pure aesthetic isn’t how you’d normally describe your personal style, we hope you still picked up some useful tips on incorporating patterns, bright colors, summery dresses, and sprinkles of vintage in your day-to-day outfits from our 9 favorite fashionistas.


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