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ITZY Shows Us Who’s Boss With Their “M.A.F.I.A in the Morning” Outfits

ITZY takes our breath away yet again! They are back and dare we say it, they came back stronger than a 90s trend! With their new song “M.A.F.I.A In The Morning” we get to experience their well-known edgy style and energy we all love. Has there been a better showcase of pure confidence and ‘girl power’ in the K-Pop waters lately? We think not too! Let us guide you through their mesmerizing outfits and gorgeous K-fashion they showcased in this comeback.


Black is the new black

ic: Yuna wearing the all black Balmain look in ITZY’s “M.A.F.I.A In The Morning” MV

Only about 30 seconds in and we’re already getting a full-on black dream! Wearing a black cropped sequined jacket, we don’t even need to tell you from which brand it is – it just screams Balmain all over! Perfectly paired with matching black pants, all tied up with a Trinity chain-link necklace from MISBHV - you can never go wrong with a black-on-black look, and interesting materials like leather and sequence are just the way to add a bit of spice to an all-black fit. What a truly bold look to start off the video and set the tone for the rest of the MV. We are living for it!


Neon is in

ic: Yuna layering the neon dress on top of a black top in ITZY’s “M.A.F.I.A In The Morning” MV

Bringing us more feminine vibes, but at the same time keeping her cool composure, Yuna is just on the roll! All dressed up in Alex Perry’s fabulous designs, we can definitely appreciate his work of art on our girl Yuna here. We adore the way the glamorous dress is layered over the structured black long-sleeve blouse – layering dresses over tops is a well-tested fashion recipe. The shoulder pads and the wide skirt, paired with the cinched in waist of the dress are making Yuna’s figure even more perfect looking. Top it off with the godlike silver jewelry along with pink-ish, almost purple blush? Stunning.


Streetwear galore

ic: Yuna rocking the graphic T streetwear outfit in ITZY’s “M.A.F.I.A In The Morning” MV

To wrap it all up, Yuna continued on her legacy as a streetwear icon, in this digital magick graphic tee from Youths in Balaclava. What a better opportunity to wear crazy black boots with silver stripes than this one? And to top it all, she completed the look with a careless side hairstyle matched up with nothing else but a strong red lipstick to match the red of her shirt. Now that is what we call - a major power move!


Spring garden

ic: Lia in her mesmerizing floral gown by Marchesa Notte in ITZY’s “M.A.F.I.A In The Morning” MV

Spring has officially arrived and Lia is here to deliver it! A rather minimalistic look (as far as the number of clothing pieces goes), nevertheless looking as rich as one could get, Lia rocked a vibrant patterned colored floral gown by Marchesa Notte. Serving us beautiful visuals as always, no one could take their eyes off our stunning girl! For jewelry, she wore these long earrings from MaryJane Claverol. Complimenting the minimalistic vibe, Lia’s makeup gave completed the floral goddess energy and we can’t praise this look enough.

Black, black, and more black

ic: Lia’s black on black halter fit in ITZY’s “M.A.F.I.A In The Morning” MV

Showing us that she really does have the best from both worlds, Lia gave us a true treat with this all-black edgy piece – a halter-neck catsuit from Saint Laurent paired with one long black hand glove. We love the asymmetric glove trend, and Lia pulled it off perfectly. A true representation of how beauty and confidence go hand in hand. Tying up your hair in a ponytail and keeping your makeup simple will bring the focus to your beautiful face, just like Lia showed us here. What an iconic fit!

Lia from outer space

ic: Lia in the golden futuristic set by Alice McCali in ITZY’s “M.A.F.I.A In The Morning” MV

A true gold fantasy, a radiating look that will take anyone’s breath away! Serving the third look with a true style, Lia looked absolutely stunning wearing Alice McCali’s Cool Cat metallic crop top and matching pants. She tied this futuristic look with a hairstyle that you would not usually see while walking down the street – and it was just the refresher that we needed! Don’t be afraid to experiment with crazy outfits, Lia certainly isn’t. Her make-up is as always – minimalistic and just enough to compliment her alluring features in the best way possible.




ic: Chaeryeong dominating in the Racil jacket in ITZY’s “M.A.F.I.A In The Morning” MV

Only two words are enough to describe this charming look – THE BOSS. Chaeryeong showed us all who is in charge here. Wearing a houndstooth jacket from Racil, she represented a truly confident and elegant woman, who has a great sense of style. Underneath that, she is giving us all-white vibes with her matching shirt – pants set. To twist up the look a bit, she added layered chains and pearls around her neck, making her that more edgy and that more sophisticated. Like her fellow member Yuna, she’s wearing a simple hairstyle to balance out the entire look, and we love how she left a few front pieces unruly. A true 10/10!

Chaeryeong’s black fit

ic: Chaeryeong wearing the zipper pants in ITZY’s “M.A.F.I.A In The Morning” MV

All black fantasy, Chaeryeong edition? Yes, yes, and yes! Following the theme of the video, Chaeryeong rocked her all-black style like a true pro. She wore a belted neck top from Proenza Schouler paired up with skin-tight leather pants. And can we talk about the pants for a second? The hip pads on her sides and the zippers going in different directions made her figure really pop here. For jewelry, she wore nothing but a little black bracelet and some simple dangly earrings


Red on red

ic: Chaeryeong’s monochromatic red look, hair included in ITZY’s “M.A.F.I.A In The Morning” MV

Can anyone say that their hair matched their lipstick? And the entire outfit in general? Chaeryeong can relate! Turning the tables, she delivered a whole modern-day goddess look, all dripped in red. We have to point out the earrings and the cape combo – a true game-changer that brought her outfit to another level. It made her look as expensive as the world’s rarest diamond and the most guarded treasure. Absolutely breathtaking! We encourage you to go dress up in a monochromatic look that matches your hair color as well!



The Little Red Riding Hood of K-pop

ic: Rjuyin as the Little Red Riding Hood of K-pop in ITZY’s “M.A.F.I.A In The Morning” MV

Opening the entire music video in absolute style, Ryujin posed as a mannequin in what appears to be a high-end clothing store. For her outfit, she chose OPEN247 cropped jacket and paired it with a big pleated skirt from CHAEnewyork. To tie up the look she wore a matching headpiece and corresponding make-up that made her even more doll-like. Wearing scarves is definitely trendy this season, and Ryujin is owning the trend! Completely adorable!


The Wolf of K-pop

ic: Rjuyin’s fearless Balenciaga fashion in ITZY’s “M.A.F.I.A In The Morning” MV

Mix up the black with a little bit of sass and the fairytale is complete! A full-on dramatic look with a Balenciaga turtleneck sweater turned into a cropped top as a centerpiece and some interesting crisscrossing on her waist. Ryujin freshened up the look with some silver ear-shaping earrings and a sleek tied-up hairstyle – pulling your hair back is always the best choice for showing off gorgeous jewelry.


Animal print is not going anywhere

ic: Rjuyin styling the animal print cardigan by Balmain in ITZY’s “M.A.F.I.A In The Morning” MV

And how can we ignore this black and white moment? Ryujin looks absolutely stunning in Balmain’s leopard print cropped cardigan matched up with leopard print bottoms – animal print is all the rage for decades and it’s obviously here to stay. A whole girl-boss look, we expected nothing else from our visuals queen.



Feather look

ic: Yeji feathered up in her white dress in ITZY’s “M.A.F.I.A In The Morning” MV

Let us all take a moment to appreciate this work of art – Yeji in all her delightful glory! Rocking a puffy feathery white dress, she complimented her outfit with the extremely large hoop earring that brought even more interest to the look. Wearing a single earring is a fun way to switch things up in your outfits. Heavy makeup and on-point visuals – Yeji is a true fashionista!


Thigh-high boots

ic: Yeji slaying in her thigh high boots in ITZY’s “M.A.F.I.A In The Morning” MV

Who can take their eyes off these stunning boots? Bringing us supermodel vibes, Yeji absolutely killed it in her all-black moment! Wearing a short black one-piece, she put all of our attention on the beautiful high heel boots and completed the look with a silver headpiece that adds the spark to this entire look. One word – FIRE!


So many wonderful looks and so much to appreciate and take from this MV! To summarize, go get your patterned puffy dresses, all-black outfits, animal prints, scars, shoulder-padded tops, and asymmetrical accessories, and you will certainly pass the “M.A.F.I.A fashion exam” this semester.


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