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IU Fashion at Incheon Airport

IU, the South Korean singer, presented herself at Incheon International Airport dressed in a double-breasted, oversized Gucci Marine Cape on February 18th. The cape's pattern resembles that seen on checked/plaid long blazers and suit jackets. The cape was worn as an overcoat above a beige, slim roll-neck sweater, adding contrast between the fitting of both pieces of IU's top-wear.

IU's oversized check wool cape coat extended slightly above the knees. The remainder of her outfit comprises of the bare leg look coupled with suede-looking stretch boots. Overall, this look can be categorized as a soft, smart casual outfit - though ever so slightly more on the casual side given the unconventional style of the cape. IU's addition to the outfit with her handle bag and stretch boots however implement elements of sincere sophisticated to her overall aesthetic, choosing clothes a mesmerizing one.

ic: Still of IU's outfit at Incheon International Airport on February 18th 2020

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