Justin Bieber surprises fan at MTV's Fresh Out Live

Leading up to Justin Bieber's 'Changes' album as part of his 2020 comeback, he released a music video for 'Intentions' featuring Quavo on Feb 6th. It was revealed that a large part of the album will address mental health issues. Bieber recently surprised fan, 22-year-old Stockton University senior Julie Coker, at MTV's 'Fresh Out Live' show with a giant $100,000 cheque for all her hard efforts in raising mental health awareness. It was apparent that Bieber wanted to donate to someone working in the mental health awareness field, with Coker meeting the criteria as she contributes to Active Minds, an educational non-profit organization. 

ic: Justin Bieber signing cheque to fan after surprising them at MTV Fresh Out Live

 Coker is the president of Stockton University's chapter of the nonprofit organization and works on the national Active Minds Student Advisory Committee. It is known that the group's chapter in the university is now capable of hosting around 50 events per year as a result of the committee's makeup, of course including Coker. Coker is also a Justin Bieber fan, having seen him perform at MTV's 'Fresh Out Live' show itself as her first concert ever at the age of 13.

ic: Bieber presenting cheque to Julie Coker, Source: Stockton University

Justin Bieber appeared on the show in a woolen red, white and blue plaid, oversized, zip-neck pullover, layered on top of a grey hoodie. His top-wear was paired with comfortable, slim, black joggers with a cuffed hem just above the ankles. As for footwear, Bieber rocked his go-to classic Vans low cut Old Skool skater sneakers, paying homage to his origins of skater-influenced fashion.

ic: Justin at MTV Fresh Out Live, Source: Getty Images

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