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Lucky Looks in ENHYPEN'S “Blessed-Cursed”

ENHYPEN is proving that they are musically and stylistically advanced in their music video, “Blessed-Cursed.” This shoot was chalked full of cool charisma and looks that are detailed and inspiring. It won’t take an incredible amount of effort to pull these off and we love how ENHYPEN leads the way in style. Want to be on your way to some sick fashion? Here are our favorite looks from the shoot. 


ic: Heeseung in a Vetements shirt. Featured in ENHYPEN'S “Blessed-Cursed” Music Video.

Heeseung is striking in this white look thanks to his logo-sleeve shirt from Vetement. Over this, he wears a white vest with black accents. This helps the black words on his shirt to pop! White cargo pants and white sneakers keep the look minimum. Don’t be afraid of fits that stick to the same color scheme. With the right elements, such as accent colors (in this case, black) and pops of shine from jewelry, it is not only doable but it creates a wonderful look. Notice Heeseung’s accessories–check out those rings, earrings, and chain necklace. It’s tiny details like this that take an outfit up a notch and help a nearly all-white outfit come together. 



ic: Jungwon in a red feather-textured jumper from 1017 ALYX 9SM. Featured in ENHYPEN'S “Blessed-Cursed” Music Video. 

Jungwon looks stunning in this black and red fit. This mix of fabrics is incredible. His black turtleneck is from Vetements and is made from figure-hugging, stretch-nylon fabric. He layers a red 1017 ALYX 9SM feather-textured pullover jumper over the top. Adding a chunky silver chain makes his torso pop! He sports black leather pants and a matching black belt. The thick black headband is a great touch to Jungwon’s look and not one we see often enough!



ic: Sunoo in a Carhartt WIP denim jacket. Featured in ENHYPEN'S “Blessed-Cursed” Music Video.

The group’s sunshine is going dark and we love it! Sunoo rocks this edgy look. He wears a white t-shirt and dark denim pants. His contrast-stitch denim jacket is from Carhartt WIP. The classic collar on this piece as well as the two slit pockets at the chest make this a great addition. We love the double silver earrings, chunky metal necklace, and perfect black bandanna, too. ENHYPEN has really been rocking the headgear in this music video! Notice how much it pulls together the edge in this ensemble. Don’t be afraid to mix and match to see what you can come up with as far as hats, bandanas, or scarfs!



ic: Ni-Ki in a Raf Simons top. Featured in ENHYPEN'S “Blessed-Cursed” Music Video.

Ni-Ki is on fire in this black and red look! His graphic-print jersey top with a turtle-neck is from Raf Simons. He layers a matte black puffer vest over the top and a thick silver chunky chain. Ni-Ki adds some red cargo pants which pair perfectly with the black! We also especially love his mismatched earrings. You can easily recreate this look by pairing an all black top with solid color pants. 



ic: Jake in a DSQUARED2 puffer vest. Featured in ENHYPEN'S “Blessed-Cursed” Music Video. 

Jake is blessing us with this amazing layered leather fit! He starts with a plain white t-shirt and wears a blue jacket over top. His black down puffer vest is from DSQUARED2 and adds great shine and body to this look. Jake’s loose leather pants have unique black and dark teal coloring. He keeps it clean with some white kicks and a single silver chain.  We love how this outfit looks simple but is full of detail and intentionality.



ic: Sunghoon in a silver vest from ERL. Featured in ENHYPEN'S “Blessed-Cursed” Music Video.

This icy platinum look is going to enchant us for a while! Sunghoon wears a white graphic t-shirt from 032C over a long sleeve white shirt. His silver woven platinum vest is from ERL and really is the staple of this ensemble. With gray slacks and white sneakers, Sunghoon is hands down the coolest guy in the room.  This look is especially stunning because it mixes shades of gray and brings a pop of metallic to a focal point at his torso. Try picking out different shades of the same color and pairing them in an outfit with a single pop of white to balance it. You never know what amazing looks you can come up with!



ic: Jay in a THEOPHILIO turtleneck. Featured in ENHYPEN'S “Blessed-Cursed” Music Video.

Jay serves some serious looks in this video! His amazing blue ribbed jersey turtleneck is from THEOPHILIO. To highlight this incredible piece he adds a chunky silver chain necklace. We love that the sunglasses give off some cyberpunk vibes. Don’t be afraid to add new elements to your fit, it can totally take it to the next level!


ENHYPEN pulled together many incredible looks. We want you to feel liberated to try some new styles and experiment with your closet. Whether that means choosing different shades of one color like Sunghoon or keeping it all white like Heeseung, we hope you take inspiration from these pieces. Don’t curse your fashion by sticking to one type of look– experiment and bless the world with your new style!


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