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“Next Level” Fashion with aespa

Aespa is on the rise in K-pop. With their latest single, “Next Level,” they prove they’re going to make an impact on the industry. The music video kept with their hyper-dimensional themes and maintains the branding they have previously established. Of course, this means their style is out of this world! We want you to be in the know of some of aespa’s best looks from the video.


ic: Giselle in a dress from The Attico. Featured in aespa’s Music Video, “Next Level.”

Giselle stuns in this sequined draped dress from The Attico. The multicolored dress gathers at the front hip, has rear tie fastening, and features a halter neck. The color scheme fits perfectly into their universe. She wears a blue ring for a pop of bright color and small, dark earrings. Fitted black leather boots bring this look together. 


ic: Giselle in a MISBHV long-sleeve t-shirt. Featured in aespa’s Music Video, “Next Level.”

We love the confident vibe that this fit gives off. Giselle rocks a sport-active long-sleeve t-shirt from MISBHV. This orange and white piece has been customized to become a cropped length as well as cutting out a portion near the collar. Though customization can be tricky, this is your sign to take that old t-shirt in the back of your closet and give it new life! Though Giselle’s shirt already had a high neck, long raglan sleeves, and stretch design, it was totally enhanced by her edits. She wears leather pants which bring a shine to the ensemble. These are paired with black boots. Because there is so much going on in this outfit, Giselle made a wise choice and paired one chunky chain necklace to not distract from the bold clothing. 



ic: Winter in a bodysuit from MISBHV. Featured in aespa’s “Next Level” Music Video. 

Winter looks as cool as ice in this fit. She begins her look by wearing a graphic-print bodysuit from MISBHV. This suit has front zip fastening and a high neck. She layers a blue biker jacket with white detailing over her bodysuit and adds matching high-waisted blue shorts. To bring out the black, she wears high black boots. For jewelry, Winter wears a chunky chain necklace and a blue cuff earring. 


ic: Winter in a yellow dress from The 2ND SKIN CO. Featured in aespa’s “Next Level” Music Video.

Winter is warm in this sunny architectural mini dress from The 2ND SKIN CO. This yellow dress is strapless with a fitted waist, draped design, and a straight hem. The sheen of this dress also adds so much to its appeal. Pairing these long white boots keeps the color scheme bright and chipper. Winter wears several bracelets and earrings to add to the look. 



ic: Ningning in a JOHANNA ORTIZ midi dress. Featured in aespa’s “Next Level” Music Video.

Looking like an absolute boss, Ningning wears a customized midi dress from JOHANNA ORTIZ. This off-the-shoulder, crepe dress was shortened and given a slit. Just like with Giselle earlier, this is a good time to go through any unworn dresses and give them a makeover! Who knew a long midi dress would turn into this!? Ningning pairs leather shorts and black boots. To keep the color combo going, she accessories with sheer black gloves. For jewelry, she wears several colorful rings, a diamond drop necklace, and silver earrings. 


ic: Ningning wears a chunky chain necklace. Featured in aespa’s “Next Level” Music Video.

This is another incredible look from Ningning. With a customized fit that includes mixed textures and fabric, she completely slays. But we wanted to focus on her amazing accessories. She wears a leather bracelet, which ties into her use of leather throughout the ensemble. Her golden chain-link earrings work so well to bring out warmth to this otherwise cool-toned look. She also wears a chunky gold chain necklace, which seems to be a favorite among aespa members.



Karina in a biquini set from Off-White. Featured in aespa’s “Next Level” Music Video.

Karina looks out of this world in her amazing black and yellow outfit. She wears a yellow ribbed logo biquini set from Off-White. This set has a logo print at the hem and a high waist. Who knew you could use swimwear to pull off a look like this? Major props to aespa’s fashion team! She wears a shimmery, fitted black jacket over top and high-waisted leather shorts. Long black boots with buckles wrap up the look perfectly. We also love her unique cuff earring and chunky chain necklace. 


ic: Karina in a Monse sequined dress. Featured in aespa’s “Next Level” Music Video.

The glamor that shines off of Karina’s dress is incredible. She looks like an Oscar winner in this stunner. Her sequin sliced gown is from Monse and was hemmed at the side for a unique shape. She also took this one-piece dress and made it a two-piece, which turned out so well! We love the symmetric design. It seems like everything from aespa is handcrafted and has a special touch. Fashion like this really stands out because of its customization. She wears black shorts and fishnet stockings. Though one might expect this outfit to come with high-heels, Karina wears boots instead. We love this carefree attitude and the fact that you don’t have to stick to the norm to rock a look! 


Aespa absolutely is here to stay. They have come to make a name for themselves, not only musically but in their other-worldly fashion! We cannot wait to see what else they come up with in the future. 


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