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Outfits from Rosé’s “Gone” That Are Here To Stay

Rosé is back with another music video from her first solo work. In “Gone,” she sings of love and loss and she portrays this in her fashion choices. Just like in her music video for "On The Ground,” Rosé paints her story with her clothes. In this dramatic music video, we see her go through the highs and lows of love. Our clothes reflect our emotions and Rosé demonstrated that in her music video. Let’s see what feelings she painted with her outfits and how you can do the same!


ic: Rosé in a loose sweater. Featured in Rosé’s music video, “Gone.”

Rosé looks amazing in this casual fit. She wears a loose, grey sweater which looks incredibly comfy. She styles black shorts underneath the sweater. Even in this laid-back ensemble, jewelry is still a good choice! Rosé wears a black heart ring on her index finger which takes this look up a notch! There are many choices of footwear that would complement this fit. Kicks, boots, and even slides would be great picks. The best thing about this ensemble is it is easy to recreate—which shows that Rosé is down to earth just like the rest of us, and we love it! See what sweater you can use for this look and have a casual moment like Rosé. Oh, and don’t forget the ring!


ic: Rosé in a David Koma jacket. Featured in Rosé’s music video, “Gone.”

Rosé might be throwing out things of the past, but she won’t be tossing this outfit anytime soon! She stuns in a light blue, ostrich feather-trimmed cropped denim jacket from David Koma. This jacket features two chest patch pockets, a front button fastening, a cropped length, and frayed edges. Rosé wears a mixed pattern skirt with yellow and red checks. A black, sleeveless crop top goes perfectly with this look. Her black combat boots are from Darker Wavs and have a lace-up design with inside zipper closures and a treaded platform sole. Something to consider with your own recreation is that you don’t always have to “match.” The colors involved in this look (red, yellow, black, and blue) are normally not paired. However, in this particular combination, they go so well together! Take note from Rosé and don’t be afraid to experiment with pieces you wouldn’t have previously put together.


ic: Rosé in a spaghetti strap dress from Blumarine. Featured in Rosé’s music video, “Gone.”

We love seeing Rosé casual. In this look, she wears a paneled lace-trim camisole dress from Blumarine. This mix print dress looks fabulous on her! A staple to have in your closet is a denim jacket. It helps pull so many looks together. Notice how it elevates her outfit. This is only further proof of the power of a simple layered jacket! See what outfits you can advance in your closet by adding a little denim. As far as shoes, white kicks or combat boots would suit this fit well.


ic: Rosé wears a Tandt mini dress. Featured in Rosé’s music video, “Gone.”

In a soft lavender dress from Tandt, Rosé looks like a dream! This tired gingham checked pattern is fit for a stroll through a field of flowers. With puffed sleeves, this mini dress is gorgeous! Notice Rosé's matching bows in her hair too. Sometimes, it can feel overwhelming to match accessories to the exact color, however, when done well (like here) it's unimaginable without it! Keeping with the florals, Rosé wears platform heels with an open toe and a shiny satin finish with floral construction. These block heels are a wonderful pairing.


ic: Rosé wearing Club Exx platform boots. Featured in Rosé’s music video, “Gone.”

Rosé stuns at this bus stop! She wears a sleeveless black dress, covered in hot pink bows. A large pearl necklace is the perfect choice for jewelry and is matched with her sparkling bag. Her incredible platform wedge boots are from Club Exx. With a color block design and laces, it helps tie in the look of the pink bows. Something unique about this choice is the boots themselves are off-white. And because of their size, they take up a good chunk of color in the outfit. This might seem like a risky move for some, but Rosé shows us that not all color matches have to be exact. We think this pairing looks great! Don’t be afraid to mix up the color scheme of your outfit with your shoes.


ic: Rosé wears platform Mary Janes from Lamoda. Featured in Rosé’s music video, “Gone.”

This rainbow-colored dress is amazing on Rosé. With upright feathers and a long train, the design almost resembles a beautiful peacock! Rosé chose to incorporate red accents in both her makeup and red bow earrings. For shoes, she rocks pink platform Mary Janes from Lamoda. These shoes have a block heel and buckle closure. In this ensemble, Rosé stands tall and proud! You might not have a dress like this nearby, but what about some of the same colors? See what you can do with rainbow patterns, designs, and block colors. Try picking one color out from the spectrum for your accessories, as Rosé did. We’re positive you’ll look great!


Whether you feel like you’re surrounded by flowers or ready to throw it all away, there is a look for everyone from this music video. We encourage you to not only try Rosé's casual looks but see if you can recreate some of the more complex looks—either in their color choices or their style. We can't wait to see what you come up with!


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