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Permission to Dance: BTS Styles that Have Our Approval

This summer belongs to BTS. One English hit after another keeps hitting the wavelengths and we are so proud of the international recognition that BTS is getting. With yet another song written by Ed Sheeran, this dynamic pair gave us “Permission to Dance.” In COVID-19 times, we are reminded that no matter what we can break it down. And not only dance but dance in style! We give you full permission to bust a groove in these looks. 


ic: RM in a SAINT LAURENT floral shirt. Featured in BTS’ “Permission to Dance” Music Video. 

Let’s be honest, did you gasp when you saw RM in this fit? He looks absolutely amazing! His floral shirt is from SAINT LAURENT is unbuttoned to reveal his pendant necklace. This is something that took the look up a notch and made a statement. He tucks the shirt into tie-dyed wide leg jeans from Xander Zhou. This outfit is not too complex to replicate. Just grab a statement necklace, some bracelets, a white button-up (preferably with some sort of floral design), and black jeans. Just make sure to tuck in the shirt and pull it together with a black belt. Who wouldn’t want to sport a look like this? Hot ‘Nam! 



ic: Suga in VAL KRISTOPHER jeans. Featured in BTS’ “Permission to Dance” Music Video. 

This laid-back, carefree look is a breath of fresh air on Suga. He wears a white t-shirt, which is layered with a collared shirt from Eponym in ivory. He tucked the shirt into VAL KRISTOPHER paneled distressed-effect slim jeans, paired with a black belt. His accessories really make this look pop. Suga sports several dark necklaces, small silver hoop earrings, and an amazing patterned headscarf. The scarf helps give this ensemble a boho look and we are here for it! 



ic: Jungkook in a Ralph Lauren jacket. Featured in BTS’ “Permission to Dance” Music Video.

Who said denim on denim was out? Jungkook challenged anyone who would say such a thing and we fully support him. Over a loose, white t-shirt he wears a Ralph Lauren distressed indigo denim jacket. His slim fit distressed jeans are also from Ralph Lauren and have a unique design as they look like they’re covered in small paint strokes. We all know JK is a great artist, so it’s on-brand. For accessories, he wears a black statement necklace, rings, and a dangle earring. A key element to this look is his brown belt. It breaks up all the white and denim, providing balance. When styling your own fits that are primarily two colors, this tip can really pull everything together. 



ic: Jimin in a HBarC Ranchwear shirt. Featured in BTS’ “Permission to Dance” Music Video.

Don’t be afraid to try something new. Though we don’t see cowboy-esc Jimin often, when he does make an appearance we are impressed. This urban cowboy shirt from HBarC Ranchwear is the perfect look for Jimin. It has a little flair from the fringe, embroidered flowers, and pearl snaps. This is a good reminder to jump outside the box and see what you can pull off! You never know what you’ll come up with. He tucks in the shirt to black jeans and ends the look with dark brown boots. 



ic: J-Hope in Off-White jeans. Featured in BTS’ “Permission To Dance” Music Video. 

J-Hope’s new platinum hair is not the only thing that is glowing about him. This fit is radiant on Hoseok. He wears a cream-colored sleeveless polo, leading the way on summer trends. He tucks this in with a black belt. His western-styled white jeans are from Off-White, and we love the unique embroidered detailing. For accessories, he adds several black bracelets and a silver necklace. This outfit was already great, but the small details that come from jewelry take it to the next level. Make sure when you’re styling your own fits to add accessories that balance your color scheme. 



ic: V in a button-down V-neck. Featured in BTS’ “Permission to Dance” Music Video. 

Tae never fails to stand out, in the best way! Monochromatic outfits are hard to pull off, but V shows us how. He starts with a loose-fitting red button-down with a steep V-neck. He wears several necklaces to help accentuate this cut. The shirt is then tucked into matching red trousers, which have black detailing on the side. By pairing a loose and fitted style he provides variety to break up the solid red and keep the fit interesting. In one part of the video, Tae breaks up the red with a tan hat. He layers several bracelets on each arm and we love that this seems to be a common trend amongst several members. This attention to detail really does heighten a piece. 



ic: Jin in a western styled white button-up. Featured in BTS’ “Permission to Dance” Music Video. 

Jin looks great in white, especially with his lavender hair. He wears a western-styled white button-up with matching fringe. He tucks this into black leather pants which have golden detailing. He pulls the look together with a red belt. A quick pop of color is always a good idea when dealing with a black and white pairing. He adds several bracelets to this look and finishes it off with tan boots.


BTS is not a stranger to fashion. They showed us yet again that they can pull off nearly any trend. With western looks and denim themes, they rocked each and every style. Don’t be afraid to jump out of the box sometimes and try something new. You might find yourself dancing in your new look! 


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