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Seri’s Choice: The Best Looks from 'Crash Landing on You'

'Crash Landing on You' crash landed on all of us! With it being one of the highest rated Korean dramas of all time, the hype has yet to fade. The show kicks off as Seri, a businesswoman from South Korea, crash lands in North Korea and is taken in by a band of North Korean officers. Seri knows fashion and is not afraid to flaunt her style, even in a North Korean village. Whether she is in the free world or trapped in a communist country, this woman knows how to work with what she has! Here’s how to snag some of Seri’s best and layered outfits from the show.


ic: Son Ye-jin as Yoon Seri wearing a Mui Mui trenchcoat and Fendi cross over bag. Featured in Crash Landing on You.

This woman knows how to layer! Seri buckled up for a train ride with Captain Ri by tying up her lattice patterned trench coat and stepping into a new adventure. This double breasted coat was used in the Mui Mui Spring Summer 2020 line, and you could easily recreate this look with a trench coat of your own! Just make sure you can button it up and that it ties at the waist. It needs to be in shade of brown for the closest match, if you cannot find a lattice pattern.

Seri’s white collared shirt not only gives this combination a bit of a pop, it’s also a stylish choice—as the trench coat already has a collar. Double collar? Bold. That’s our leading lady! Add a brown cross body bag from Fendi and we’re on her way. 



ic: Son Ye-jin as Yoon Seri in a Reformation fitted bodice dress with cardigan and Rachael Cox sneakers. Featured in Crash Landing on You.

Let’s be honest, Yoon Seri can rock anything. This outfit is easy to put together and perfect for a day out, or a bike ride under the stars. Seri uses a white turtleneck as her foundation. Layered on top is a daisy patterned dress with thin straps and a square neckline. The bodice on this dress is fitted, but the skirt is flowy and breathable! The exact dress worn by our protagonist is produced by Reformation. If you are going to recreate this look, try to go for a pattern that includes white. To make the closest match, you should use a floral pattern, but you could also use a polka dot.

For more warmth, add a long cardigan in a peach or neutral tone. Pair with some white sneakers, either from Rachael Cox like Seri, or some from your own collection. And don’t forget the ribbon (or a handkerchief from Captain Ri) for your hair!



ic: Son Ye-jin as Yoon Seri in a cotton and wool tweed jacket with an embroidered Georgette crepe scarf from Chanel’s A/W 2019/20 Runway Collection. Featured in Crash Landing on You.

It's no surprise to us that Yoon Seri can dress as powerfully as aspects of her character, as pictured above in an episode where Seri takes Captain Ri out shopping for a makeover. In the scene, Seri sets the example while donning a cotton and wool tweed jacket carefully layered under an embroidered Georgette crepe scarf, both from Chanel’s autumn/winter 2019-2020 runway collection. This look was given its final dazzling touch thanks to Seri's white, quilted, rectangular bag, too from CHANEL.

To give this look a try for yourself, we'd recommend pairing a very fitted blazer on top of a ruffle shirt or blouse. If the blouse has ruffled details at its sleeves, then even better. Be sure that there's an appropriate contrast between the colors of the blazer and blouse to show off your not-to-be-reckoned-with layering skills!



ic: Son Ye-jin as Yoon Seri in a turtleneck, Letter From The Moon blouse, and Voice of Voices cardigan. Featured in Crash Landing on You.

Being trapped in North Korea, Seri had to rotate through her wardrobe often. She is seen reusing her cream turtleneck when meeting with the women of the village. Here, she layered another square neckline. This time as a flowered blouse from Letter From The Moon. It is the perfect complement to break up the off-white tones. To pull together the look, it is snugly wound by a puffed sleeve cream cardigan, which can be found at Voice of Voices. The combination invokes a sense of warmth and was the perfect choice for Seri to wear to this discussion.

To closely match this look, use a white turtleneck shirt as a foundation topped with a micro-patterned blouse, preferably one with a white base and square neckline. Don’t forget a cream or white cardigan.



ic: Son Ye-jin as Yoon Seri in a Ralph Lauren polo, floral skirt from Eliden, and green cardigan. Featured in Crash Landing on You.

Could Seri be any cuter in this getup? She is breaking all the hearts in her Ralph Lauren yellow polo. Her tucked in shirt, though perfect in every way, doesn’t distract from the patterned skirt beneath. Here, she wears a black floral skirt from Eliden for the perfect accompaniment. The look is wrapped up in a lovely juniper green cardigan. A key point in this ensemble is the handkerchief used as a hair tie (thanks, Captain Ri). Although all of these patterns could seem too much when thrown together, somehow it works! To recreate this look, snag a yellow polo (best if patterned, like Seri’s), a dark green cardigan, and a black or grey patterned flowy skirt.



ic: Son Ye-jin as Yoon Seri wearing a SYP knit cardigan over a Marc Jacob floral skirt. Featured in Crash Landing on You.

Seri wears a pink, button-up knit cardigan when going out and about in the village market. The soft pink SYP cardigan is the perfect look as she wanders aimlessly, lost in the dark marketplace…only to be saved by Captain Ri and a lighted scented candle. Paired with a floral patterned prairie skirt from Marc Jacobs, she looks divine. She ties the outfit together with a silky, striped pink scarf.

Easily bring this outfit to life with a pink cardigan of your own—aim for a cable knit if possible. When choosing a floral skirt, go for a pattern that contains a shade of red and one that is flowy like Seri’s.



ic: Son Ye-jin as Yoon Seri in a Studio Tomboy cardigan, plunging neckline dress, and turtleneck. Featured in Crash Landing on You.

Once again, Seri utilizes a turtle neck (probably the only one she has in North Korea) to pull together another mixed pattern outfit. On top of her white turtleneck, she layers a plunging neckline button up dress. The fit is loose and comfy on top of her tight fitting shirt underneath. To stay extra warm, she adds an oversized fitting cardigan. This cardigan adds a special touch, with its matching plunging neckline and colorful patches to brighten the soft blue dress beneath it.

To match Seri, use a white turtle neck as a base. Add a v-cut pastel dress, preferably blue and micro-patterned. Try to snag a patch or box patterned cardigan to complete your outfit. Cardigans are Yoon Seri’s favorite! And we know why! Look at how many outfits she can complete by throwing on one more layer!



ic: Son Ye-jin as Yoon Seri in a BAILMAN skirt and coat, paired with a micro bag from Roger Vivier. Featured in Crash Landing on You.

This ensemble proves Seri is the queen of mixing patterns, as well as layering. She starts off with a long sleeved white polo for her foundation. Next, Seri layers up a matching BALMAIN bouncle tank top with a button-embellished fringed skirt. To pull the look together, she uses a white BALMAIN tweed double-breasted coat, with horizontal lines. Notice, the pattern in the skirt has more boldly printed vertical lines. Mixing these two lined patterns is a delicate balance, but our leading lady has done it again! She finishes the look with a Beau Vivier Strass Buckle Micro Bag from Roger Vivier. 

To bring this look to life grab a polo, a fitted knee length dress in grey or light blue (aim for a lined pattern like Seri), and combine with a knee length white coat. Try to get a buttoned, collared coat for the best look. Pair with some black heels and you’ll be slaying like Seri.


We love how nothing stops Yoon Seri! Not capacity in North Korea, not mixed patterns, not having to rotate her outfits—is there anything she couldn’t make look good, even in the worst of circumstances? That’s exactly why she was so successful—attention to detail and knowing how to coordinate and adjust. Thank goodness we don’t have to crash land into North Korea to duplicate these looks!

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