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Stray Kids Serve up Fashion in God’s Menu and Back Door

Stray Kids have gotten much-deserved attention for their first full-length album, GO. From the promotional photos to their looks in the music videos “God’s Menu” and “Back Door” – we are shook by the variety and creativity involved in their style. We accumulated some of the best fashion from this era and we hope you snag some great ideas to incorporate into your own wardrobe.

Lee Know

ic: Lee Know in a Vetements’ shirt and Fendi headband and sneakers. Featured in Stray Kids’ “God’s Menu” music video.

Lee Know layers a Vetements’ white long-sleeved graphic shirt over another long sleeve red tee. He tucks both shirts into long, skinny-fit black pants. A chain is added to the pants for extra style. A black and yellow Fendi mania headband makes this look pop, as well as his Fendi high top sock sneakers in bright yellow. He’s not going through the back door with this look being so front and center!



ic: I.N sports a boiler suit from Futura Laboratories. Featured in Stray Kids’ “Back Door” music video.

In “Back Door,” I.N wears a BornxRaised white tee underneath an amazing Futura Laboratories boiler suit. This suit is off-white with a graphic patterned print, elasticated waistband, classic collar, and front button fastening. I.N rolls up the sleeves and unbuttons the collar for more flexibility. For accessories, he wears a thick black wristband, as well as several thin bracelets. We love this unique ensemble and how well I.N pulls it off!


Bang Chan

ic: Bang Chan wears Louis Vuitton cargo pants and Off-White earrings.  Featured in Stray Kids’ “God’s Menu” music video.

Bang Chan looks fresh in this crisp outfit. Over a white tee, he sports a white bomber jacket with gold zippers. His cargo denim pants are from Louis Vuitton, and we love the blue ombre with the classic LV logo on the bottom. He keeps the look’s color combination with white kicks. But can we talk about his accessories?! Chan’s Off-White dangling silver arrows earrings are paired with an Off-White arrows necklace. Both of these bring a pop of interest to the all-white top. He has a chunky blue metallic ring on his right hand, which helps tie in the blue from his pants and break up the white. On his left hand, he wears a thin silver ring and also sports a silver bracelet. Chan is calm and collected in this fit, but we know he brings the heat!



ic: Hyunjin wears a Balenciaga leather jacket and Vetements tee. Featured in Stray Kids’ “GO” teaser images.
We had to include Hyunjin's outfit from the Stray Kids teaser photo. The Balenciaga black leather jacket has the words “The Power of Dreams” written on the arms. We love this because of how hard Stray Kids have worked to finally put out their first full-length album. Hyunjin sports a StarWars Millennium Falcon t-shirt in black from Vetements. His black jeans keep the aesthetic monochromatic, and he finishes the look with Dr. Martens’ 1490 smooth leather mid-calf boots.
ic: Hyunjin sports a Raf Simmon’s shirt. Featured in Stray Kids’ “Back Door” music video.

Hyunjin always brings something fresh to the table! We not only want to point out his Heroes print T-shirt by Raf Simons, but the jewelry he chose to bring this outfit to life. In his left ear, he wears two silver cuff earrings, and in his right, he sports a dangling layered earring. Note: your earrings do not have to match to be stylish! In fact, it can really add to a look when one ear is different than the other, just like Hyunjin. In addition, he also adds a silver chain necklace. We love jewelry done right! He wears a custom grey jacket over his tee. In an unusual move, a black belt is layered above the waist for added dimension.  His black skinny jeans and white kicks with black accents complete the look.



ic: Felix wears a SUPREME bright green coat. Featured in Stray Kids’ “God’s Menu” music video.

His deep voice isn’t the only thing to impress! In “God’s Menu,” Felix sports a SUPREME Velvet Chore coat in bright green. His white tee has a bright, multicolored SUPREME stamped in front.  His jeans have a paint-splattered effect and are from Off-White. The splotches of blue and pink help offset the bright green from his coat. Tan boots add a neutral tone to help balance the varied color scheme. A chunky silver necklace is a perfect accessory to keep from adding too much noise to an already eye-grabbing ensemble. Five Star Michelin indeed, Felix!



ic: Changbin rocks a Vetements tattoo-print mesh top. Featured in Stray Kids’ “Back Door” music video.

Changbin goes nearly monochromatic in “Back Door.” He sports a twill button-up shirt with a popped collar, unbuttoned chest, and sleeves rolled up (imagine how uncomfortable all that knocking would be with the sleeves long!). He adds khaki pants in an identical shade. A black belt helps bring out the black in the tattoo-print high-neck stretch-mesh top from Vetements. Changbin is actually wearing this top backward—a good reminder to play with your fashion and see what happens! We love the added gold jewelry around his wrist, as well as the golden rings. On his right hand, he adds a black glove. His converse kicks bring a new element to the look. Changbin didn’t come to play!



ic: Han wears a Saint Laurent Palm Tree Print T-Shirt.  Featured in Stray Kids’ “Back Door” music video.

Han commands a room with this killer outfit. Typical of this era, in red, he sports a custom floral satin cardigan. Notice how it incorporates white into the bottom trim and black on the sleeves. The cut is unique and brings a needed pop of color. The loose material is held in place with a thin black belt. Han sports a Saint Laurent Palm Tree Print T-Shirt tucked into black leather pants. For added impression, he wears several rings and mix-matches earrings. In addition, he adds a gold pendant necklace. He ends the look with laced up black leather boots. Han is a total boss and slays in this ensemble!



ic: Seungmin wears an AMIRI satin bomber jacket. Featured in Stray Kids’ “God’s Menu” music video.

We are loving this casual look from Seungmin! He sports an AMIRI Satin Bomber Jacket over a white, tucked in a graphic tee. Ripped jeans and converse styled sneakers give this a classic feel. He adds a dainty pendant necklace and mix-matched earrings. Seungmin attached Jun Takashi Bootleg Truth buttons to his red jacket, which gives a unique flair to this vibe!


We cannot stop talking about this comeback. With back-to-back hits and a ton of style, you better believe we are ordering off of God’s menu! Stray Kids know how to mix things up and customize looks to fit their new era. We love what we’re seeing and we’ll pick it up at the back door!


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