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Supersonic Style in Kep1er’s “WA DA DA”

What an amazing debut Kep1er has made! This girl group has been making waves since their formation on Mnet’s survival show, Girls Planet 999. With their introductory music video, Kep1er has proven their ability to earn and keep what they want! “WA DA DA” is not only a show stopper but it includes memorable dance and fashion. We had to showcase the fabulous looks from this group to watch! 


ic: Bahiyyah wears a Monse tartan-paneled cargo skirt. Featured in Kep1er’s “WA DA DA” Music Video.

We are loving this rock-n-roll look on Bahiyyih! Her black Def Leppard tank top is from Junya Watanabe. You can easily use a black t-shirt from your favorite band and hem the sleeves to make your own spin on this look. We adore this tartan-paneled cargo skirt from Monse. If you can’t find a mismatched skirt, you can easily wear a cargo skirt and tie a yellow flannel shirt or jacket around your waist. Bahiyyih’s white combat boots add a pop of brilliance. For accessories,  she wears hoop earrings and black studded gloves. 



ic: Dayeon in a BARRAGÁN crop top. Featured in Kep1er’s “WA DA DA” Music Video. 

Dayeon is glowing with this pink ensemble. The beautiful lace cut-out crop top is from BARRAGÁN. This white is the perfect choice to balance the pop of fuschia from her Herve Leger mini skirt. Paired with bright pink motocross boots, Dayeon is unstoppable! We love the accessories too–her printed gloves from QUASI PURITY and chain necklace are great finishing touches. 



ic: Chaehyun in a Rokh corset top. Featured in Kep1er’s “WA DA DA” Music Video.

Chaehyun’s look has us shook! Her long-sleeve bustier corset is from Rokh. With logo print on the sleeves and a sweetheart neck, this top looks absolutely stunning! Her mini skirt is great with knee-high black boots. Notice the delicate silver necklaces–this shows how lovely soft pieces of jewelry can be./span>



ic: Hikaru in an Emmiol crop tank top. Featured in Kep1er’s “WA DA DA” Music Video.

Hikaru looks so cute in her bubblegum-esc outfit. Her white graphic halter rib crop tank top is from Emmiol. We love the customization Hikaru brought to this look by adding a single hot pink sleeve and a white glove, tied with pink string. She keeps it minimal with a white mini-skirt, which helps to balance out other elements. Wearing bright pink combat boots from Dolls Kill was the perfect move! Lastly, she accessories with a thick pink necklace and white bow hair clips.



ic: Xiaoting wears a Balmain crop top. Featured in Kep1er’s “WA DA DA” Music Video.

Xiaoting’s black and white fit is out of this world! She wears a mesh detail crop top from Balmain. This top features a square neck, decorative buttons, mesh panels, and a stretch fit. Xiaoting adds a white shoulder cover crop top from QUASI PURITY with their "GLITTER DROP" pattern. Her black leather mini-skirt with straight hem includes pearl detailing and a delicate silver chain. Her thigh-length black leather boots are stunning and make this look breath-taking. 



ic: Mashiro in an MM6 Maison Margiela bodysuit. Featured in Kep1er’s “WA DA DA” Music Video.

Mashiro’s sense of style is impeccable. She begins her look by wearing an MM6 Maison Margiela sheer checked bodysuit, which she layers a white band t-shirt over. She tucks this into a red tartan mini-skirt and customizes this skirt with multiple chains and a white utility belt. Mashiro wears black boots to make her streetwear complete. Her long silver chain dangle earrings are the perfect complement to this amazing fit. 



ic: Youngeun in flaming boots. Featured in Kep1er’s “WA DA DA” Music Video.

In Youngeun’s look, she wears a white studded crop top, black mini-skirt, and a leather jacket. Her boots are incredible, with flame details. Fishnet socks are the perfect pairing for her shoes. Something we want to focus on in this look are her accessories. Take a look at that incredible black and red studded choker! She also wears a delicate chain necklace and several silver rings. Youngeun incorporates dangling black earrings to finish the look. 



ic: Yujin in a DAVID KOMA dress. Featured in Kep1er’s “WA DA DA” Music Video.

Yujin looks bad-to-the-bone in this all-leather look. Her cut-out dress is from DAVID KOMA and Yujin rocks it! These cut-outs help to balance all of the black in her fit. She adds pearls to complement the dark look. Her gloves and boots are leather as well and we love the consistency of this fit. 



ic: Yeseo rocks a Maje crop top. Featured in Kep1er’s “WA DA DA” Music Video.”style=

We love Yeseo’s yellow tartan and black leather look. She wears a collared shirt with black sleeves and layers a plaid-check crop top from Maje. Pairing crop tops with long-sleeved shirts is a great way to style for colder months or nighttime trips. Her black leather mini-skirt looks incredible paired with her knee-high lace-up leather boots. Her black choker and silver chains on her skirt add a punk twist to this school-girl look.


With a plethora of looks, Kep1er gave a style for almost everyone’s taste. We love the variety they displayed: showing their soft, street, and sultry side. This should be a sign for you to not pigeonhole your style. Don’t be afraid to be cute one day and cold the next! Feel free to play up all the different sides of yourself. We’ll be cheering you on! 


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