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TREASURE Trove of Looks in “MY TREASURE”

TREASURE’s “MY TREASURE” music video is full of fun winter looks. From stylish sweaters to colorful trench coats, there’s something for everyone in TREASURE’s style. We had to show you our favorite outfits to replicate in your wardrobe.




ic: Jaehyuk in yellow Dr. Martens.  Featured in TREASURE’s music video, “MY TREASURE.”

Jaehyuk’s patterned long-sleeve jacket is from Walter Van Beirendonck and it is stunning! This piece looks like it was taken from an art museum.  With double-breasted button fastening, classic collar, and straight hem—this jacket is a true winner. Jaehyuk wears skinny, faded, ripped jeans. For shoes, he sports yellow lace-up boots from Dr. Martens. This is the perfect pop of color, which doesn’t distract from the jacket but rather compliments and pulls the look together.



ic: Mashiho in a V-neck cardigan from Drôle De Monsieur. Featured in TREASURE’s music video, “MY TREASURE.”

Comfortable style is exactly what Mashiho is selling in this casual fit. He sports a white t-shirt with ripped denim. A couple of dainty necklaces pop out from the bright tee. He layers over a geometric-pattern buttoned cardigan from Drôle De Monsieur. This V-neck style cardigan adds a great pop of color and really brings the look to life. Adding a fun touch, he wears toe-capped sneakers from Mihara Yasuhiro. These sneakers are blue, purple, and white and keep the look popping!



ic: Haruto wears a Readymade waistcoat. Featured in TREASURE’s music video, “MY TREASURE.”

Sure, this looks like stay-at-home style—but it doesn’t have to be! Haruto shows us that you can totally rock what at first glance looks like a bathrobe! This red geometric print tied waistcoat is from Readymade; with flaming yellow smiley faces against a multi-patterned red, this fit screams confidence. Pair it with a white tee, a dainty gold necklace, and some dark denim bottoms for a complete look.



ic: Hyunsuk wears a Gucci floral trench coat. Featured in TREASURE’s music video, “MY TREASURE.”

Hyunsuk brings it in this modern gentleman look. The immediate eye-catcher is his Ken Scott floral print trench coat from Gucci. This is no boring coat! With black, bright pink, and neon green, it is a show stopper. The trench coat has a belted waist and double-breasted button fastening. He sports black trousers and dark lace-up boots to keep the attention on the florals. To take the look up a notch, Hyunsuk wears a golden monocle from Percy Lau x DEEPMOSS and a black top hat.



ic: Asahi wears a Loewe Paula sweater. Featured in TREASURE’s music video, “MY TREASURE.”

Get your groove on with this ensemble! We love how easily replicable Asahi’s casual outfit is! He sports a psychedelic-jacquard mohair-blend sweater from Loewe Paula. This sweater could be duplicated with any type of multi-colored tie-dye. He pairs ripped skinny jeans to keep the look casual. Pink converse help pull in the color from his sweater and is perfect for dancing.



ic: Yoshi in a Gucci coat. Featured in TREASURE’s music video, “MY TREASURE.”

Yoshi left us speechless in this amazing fit! He looks absolutely marvelous in his Gucci wool cashmere coat. This double-breasted coat has gold detailing and almost gives navy captain vibes. He wears a muted red button-up and black skinny jeans. His black and white dress shoes pop and pull out the white from the coat. The red beret really pulls the look together. We also have to mention the bright yellow umbrella. Accessorizing doesn’t always mean bags or jewelry! This selected umbrella was a perfect pairing for yellow tones in his jacket and keeps the vibe of his look light-hearted. We adore it!



ic: Doyoung in Vans. Featured in TREASURE’s music video, “MY TREASURE.”

Doyoung looks like a Renaissance man in his x Browns 50 Fenetre Sur Le Lac printed jacket from Casablanca. This jacket is simply picturesque and is in a French style. We love the floral designs, too! He wears a printed white tee underneath, black skinny jeans, and Old Skool VLT sneakers from Vans. This is not the most common color pallet, but Doyoung rocks it!



ic: Yedam in a FILA cream jacket. Featured in TREASURE’s music video, “MY TREASURE.”

Yedam keeps it sporty in his FILA zip-up jacket in cream. This look is comfy and fresh—notice the neutral tones with a quick pop of blue. He pairs the jacket with a matching cream shirt, light denim jeans, and sneakers. This is a great example that it doesn’t take much to make an outfit work!



ic: Jihoon wears an Ann Demeulemeester top. Featured in TREASURE’s music video, “MY TREASURE.”

We love this abstract top on Jihoon. This fit is from Ann Demeulemeester, featuring a Mandarin collar and buttoned cuffs. Jihoon adds a white undershirt and a long, simple black necklace to not overwhelm the look. Couple this with jeans and some kicks for dance party vibes.



ic: Jeongwoo in a Gucci cardigan. Featured in TREASURE’s music video, “MY TREASURE.”

Something about Jeongwoo’s GG-logo cardigan from Gucci gives us retro vibes! This macro-argyle alpaca-blend cardigan relies on traditional knitting, which adds a timeless effect. Jeongwoo wears a white t-shirt underneath and pairs khakis to keep the look in mostly neutral colors. We love the comfortable vibes this look emanates!



ic: Junkyu in a Greg Lauren coat. Featured in TREASURE’s music video, “MY TREASURE.”

Junkyu shows us his cute side in his Greg Lauren patchwork coat. Styled like a kimono, this patchwork design with distressed effects is a great mix of casual and confident. Junkyu wears a white t-shirt underneath to keep all the attention on his coat. A gold pendant necklace adds some shine to this look. Don’t be afraid to rock new styles like this!


TREASURE’s Lavender Ensemble

ic: TREASURE wears lavender suits. Featured in TREASURE’s music video, “MY TREASURE.”

We normally don’t point out an entire crew’s fashion, but we just had to talk about this ensemble! The men of TREASURE are killing this soft purple look. Each of them wears various styled lavender blazers and matching slacks. White shirts are worn underneath for a clean look, as well as white sneakers. We adore this simple, yet chic color combination. The guys wore it perfectly and made it pure magic! 

“MY TREASURE” really met us at the end of the rainbow with these gems. We love the way each of them stood out in their own way. Try to create some of these looks and add some riches to your wardrobe.


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