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TWICE’s Unstoppable Fashion in "I Can’t Stop Me" and "Better"

TWICE is no stranger to producing a good bop, and they’ve done it twice in the span of a month! “I Can’t Stop Me” and “Better” are fueling the end of our autumn and should be on your playlist! As always, TWICE music videos are simply stunning. The visuals, the dances, and the variety of outfits are mesmerizing. Here are some of our favorite looks from both of these music videos.


ic: Jeongyeon in a black crop top and sweatpants. Featured in TWICE’s “Better” music video.
Casual can be cool and Jeongyeon shows us how. In TWICE’s music video for “Better,” she sports a black crop top with a scrunched middle. Her dark sweatpants are unique in the multiple ties that run up and down the sides. She rolls up the sweats to reveal black socks and matching kicks—don’t be afraid to do this! It can add an extra oomph to your outfit. The white decals on the arms and leg are just enough to balance out the nearly all black look. Best of all, these pieces are easy to find for your own outfit like Jeongyeon!


ic: Mina rocks a Versace denim mini dress. Featured in TWICE’s “I Can’t Stop Me” music video.
Mina wears a pleated denim mini dress from Versace. The bustier top and fitted silhouette give this piece definition. A simple dress really can make a statement! Dressed up or down, this is a very versatile item and we love how Mina rocks it with high black boots. Because this ensemble isn’t chaotic or tattooed with logos, it can really draw attention elsewhere—like to one’s face or hair. We love how the concentration goes to a pretty Mina!


ic: Sana is a dream in her Marchesa Notte floral gown.  Featured in TWICE’s “I Can’t Stop Me” music video.
Sana looks stunning in her blushing pink gown from Marchesa Notte. This is a sequin-embellished floral-print dress with a sweetheart neck and ruffled detailing. Like a contemporary fairytale, Sana is absolutely radiant. We love the bold gemstone earrings to signify both elegance and power. Happily ever after is the only ending to a night in this gorgeous gown.
ic: Sana wears an Alexander Wang crop top. Featured in TWICE’s “Better” music video.
This Alexander Wang sleeveless crop top is perfect on Sana. The straight trim keeps the top from detracting from the unique bottom. Sana wears a black, high cut bikini bottom with cutouts underneath her sweats. This gives her sweatpants an added kick and custom flare. Like Jeongyeon, she also rolled up her pants to reveal black socks paired with black sneakers. We love how these women are taking simple pieces and elevating them to new levels!


ic: Dahyun sports rectangle-shaped gold earrings. Featured in TWICE’s “Better” music video.
Dahyun wears a glen check patterned, long sleeve shirt that falls off the shoulder. She accompanies this with rectangle gold earrings and a dainty gold necklace. She pairs the outfit with Prince of Wales check patterned brown trousers. We love how Dahyun plays up the different shades of tan in this ensemble and how the gold perfectly adds some spice to this scholarly look.


ic: Chaeyoung slays in Acne Studios tartan trousers.  Featured in TWICE’s “I Can’t Stop Me” music video.
We are loving this combo! Chaeyoung wears a modified, black embroidered logo jumper from Valentino. The length has been shortened to her mid-torso and we think the adjustment looks great. She adds a black and white flowered broach for her own style. Her tartan-check trousers are from Acne Studios. These slim fit, high waisted pants have a slight flare at the knee which is perfect to emulate bell-bottoms whilst remaining fresh. She finishes this modern retro look with white go-go boots.


ic: Jihyo wears an Unravel Project denim dress. Featured in TWICE’s “I Can’t Stop Me” music video.
This tulle trim, sweetheart neck dress is amazing on Jihyo. This unique dress from Unravel Project is stonewashed denim with white tulle, which adds a delicate touch. We particularly love the jewelry chosen to accentuate the look. Jihyo wears silver earrings and a butterfly accented choker length necklace. Paired with black leather boots, no one can stop our girl!


ic: Tzuyu sports a yellow dress set. Featured in TWICE’s “I Can’t Stop Me” music video.
Tzuyu wears a yellow checkered dress with golden chains hanging from diamond buttons. A matching cropped blazer is worn on top to add extra class to this preppy look. Tzuyu brings the ensemble together with some white gogo boots, keeping within the retro theme. A bold pearl necklace with a bedazzled bow clip adorns her neck. Beautiful flower earrings give an extra feminine touch. We love this throwback look!


ic: Momo wears a sleeveless Marchesa Notte gown. Featured in TWICE’s “I Can’t Stop Me” music video.
Momo is simply a dream in this amazing chiffon gown from Marchesa Notte. This lavender floral printed dress has a cutaway collar, pleated waist, and flared skirt. There is corsage detailing at the neckline which gives an additional floral touch. Momo wears nude heels to keep the focus on the vibrant dress colors. Round silver earrings add the perfect sparkle to this elegant ensemble.


ic: Nayeon wears a denim two-piece. Featured in TWICE’s “I Can’t Stop Me” music video.
This denim outfit looks fabulous on Nayeon! Her bustier styled crop top with its diamond patterned sequins is a statement. It is accompanied by a buckle detailed mini skirt from Versace Jeans Couture. This skirt has stitched panels and a rear zip fastening. Nayeon rocks several silver bracelets, golden rings, and layers gold necklaces to add even more shine. Her heeled black boots give the perfect end to this stunning outfit.

Whether you want to dress up or down, TWICE’s style has you covered. These women slay both—and you can too! Take risks, try a new style; you never know what will make your wardrobe better. We won’t stop you!

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